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A Guide To Planning Your Next Florida Vacation

As the winter winds begin to shift and the colder weather starts to blow in your direction, thoughts of a warmer, more tropical spot are bound to come to mind.

Whether you frequently visit Florida during the cold winter months or you’re planning to experience this seasonal journey for the first time, there’s no denying the benefits of opting for sand, sun, and a far milder winter season this state can offer.

If it’s already decided and the question of “to Florida or not to Florida this winter” isn’t a point of uncertainty, it’s likely that your next decision will revolve around the where and the how.

More specifically, where you plan to spend your winter in Florida and how you plan to travel there to enjoy a warm and tropical winter season.

This blog is here to assist you with both of these things—keep reading to learn more about some of the must-visit spots in Florida and the best ways to get there.

Where You Should Winter: The Best Florida Spots for Winter Travel

If you’re sure you’d like to spend your winter basking in a warm Florida glow but aren’t quite sure where exactly you’d like to travel, we suggest considering sunny Florida options like:

  • West Palm Beach—stunning beaches and a burgeoning art scene alongside first-class shopping, restaurants, and resorts.

  • Fort Lauderdale—Known for beaches and boating, as well as upscale outdoor restaurants, bars, and boutiques.

  • Naples—Premium spas and resorts, beautiful beaches, and a 5-star food scene.

  • Miami—Exciting nightlife, phenomenal food, and the iconic Miami beach.

  • Boca Raton—Upscale, exciting, and stunning, Boca offers a beachy mix of modern and contemporary offerings.

  • Sarasota—White sands, tropical weather, and small-town community comforts alongside fine dining, shopping, and more.

  • Jacksonville—Access to both a bustling city and stunning beaches along the Atlantic Coast.

How to Fly in Style: Private Aviation Can Elevate Your Travel

Wintering in Florida is a luxurious experience—we believe your journey there should be luxurious, too. Enhancing your method of travel doesn’t have to be complicated.

At Abeona, we’ve created a seamless travel experience that can take your Florida winter travel plans to the next level.

How? Through a few tailored aviation services that offer our clients major benefits.

Pristine Private Charter Deals

Experience comfort and convenience at a cost-effective price when you partner with Abeona. Our team provides each and every one of our clients with the private flight options they deserve for their travel plans.

Simply reach out to our team, tell us about your travel plans, and then let us do the leg work—we’re proud to source premium private charter deal options that can take your travel plans to the next level.

Cost-Effective Jet Sharing Options

Though private aviation often is synonymous with costly expense, it does not always have to be. At Abeona, we’re proud to provide our clients with access to convenience and comfort all at once through our jet-sharing service.

If your travel plans afford you a dash of flexibility, sharing flight costs with fellow travelers can make private aviation more affordable. Don’t have a party in mind? We may have a solution. Our team of experts can align your flight schedule with another party to help you experience a discounted, luxury flight to your destination.

Convenient Empty Leg Opportunities

For passengers seeking the most cost-effective method of travel without sacrificing comfort or convenience, we present the empty leg flight.

Empty legs happen when an empty aircraft repositions prior to its next booked flight or returns to its home base after the previous flight. Because the air carrier wasn't able to sell the seats for the empty portion of the journey at a full price, they are willing to offer significant discounts.

Passengers who are willing to share an empty leg flight with other travelers can reduce the cost even further. In some cases, people flying on the empty leg flight save as much as 75% of the full charter price.

It’s important to note that empty leg flights are one-way and will require additional planning for return flights.

Enhanced Organization & Preparation

Choosing to work with a private aviation company like Abeona ensures preparedness, organized itineraries, and compliance with current travel regulations. In other words, when you work with a team like Abeona to secure your travel plans, you can count on our team of experts to provide guidance and ensure that all of your paperwork and requirements are in place ahead of time.

In fact, we can potentially dispatch nurses to your location for appropriate testing.

What does all of this ensure? A seamless, low-stress, and convenient way to coast to Florida for the winter—all in a luxury setting.

Take Your Travel to New Heights with Abeona

Whether you’re seeking an elevated way to travel to Florida for the long stretch of winter or you desire a solution for your ongoing travel needs, Abeona can help.

Our team of industry experts can help you better prepare, organize, and abide by COVID regulations while providing you with the resources and options you need alongside the convenient accommodations you deserve.

To learn more about how our team can help you secure reliable, convenient, and premium travel accommodations, reach out to us via our contact page, email us at or call us at 1-888-359-1384 with questions, regulation-related inquiries, and beyond.

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