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Exploring Montreal

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Abeona Private Jet Services Uncovers Montreal’s Favourite Features

Private jet flying in the sky over mountains
Montreal Private Jet Services

Do you seek multifaceted culture, creativity, and a captivating fusion of modernism and traditional charm? If so, it sounds like Montréal is the perfect destination for you. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, a private jet to gorgeous, exciting, and captivating Montreal is a fantastic way to see new sights, experience a new place, and enjoy something wholly unique!

Formerly the economic powerhouse of Canada, Montréal has countless activities to keep charter jet travelers entertained, engaged, and perpetually captivated. Visitors of this Québécois city will find themselves in a stunning juxtaposition of sprawling green spaces and grand skyscrapers—in other words, a landscape made only more beautiful by this sharp contrast.


Is it delicious food and a delightful culinary experience that you seek?

Take a stroll down the cobblestone lanes of Vieux-Montréal, where many structures remain from when French colonists first settled. Enjoy souvenir shops, grab a bite at a café, and explore the spectacular Notre Dame Basilica.

For a fancier, more formal meal, try some of the exquisite European and Mediterranean options across the city. Le Club Chasse Et Peche holds its fine dining to the highest standard, with a cordial ambiance to go with delectable cuisine and exceptional customer service. Located in Old Montréal, there are numerous things to do nearby, before or after your unforgettable dinner.

Here are a few of our other favourite recommendations in Montreal.


If you want more of a modern touch during your Montreal experience, explore the neighbourhood of Golden Square Mile, a glamorous conglomeration of elegant shops. After deplaning your private charter jet to Montreal, Canada, treat yourself to a new outfit from stores like Gucci, Hermès, or Louis Vuitton. If you’re looking for some sparkle, have a look at the beautiful pieces at Tiffany & Co. or Swarovski.


For a breath of fresh air, stroll through the magnificent Mount Royal Park. Nestled in the heart of the city, the park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, whose work consists of the acclaimed Central Park in New York City. If hiking happens to be your cup of tea, a peaceful trek to the top of Mount Royal—the city’s namesake—offers breathtaking views of the surrounding city.


Looking for even more fun finds and landmarks in Montreal? Luckily, there’s plenty to keep you entertained and overjoyed. Our suggestion? Check out a few (or all) of these excellent landmarks or events!


When it’s time to settle down and settle in for the night, make yourself at home at one of the many five-star hotels that Montréal has to offer. The Ritz-Carlton, located in the aforementioned Golden Square Mile, has every amenity you could dream of at your fingertips during your stay. The hotel is attached to the renowned Maison Boulud restaurant, serving the mouth-watering creations of French chef Daniel Boulud.

Looking for other suggestions? Try any of these gorgeous options within Montreal’s city limits.


Are you ready to explore a gorgeous city that expertly fuses European tradition with North American modernity? If you seek adventure, culture, and plenty of first-class experiences, we highly recommend visiting and traveling to Montreal.

Abeona is proud to be a resource for those who wish to charter private flights to Montreal—simply reach out to us at your convenience to discuss how we can help you book and arrange your trip to Montreal!

Not sure where to fly in? There are plenty of private airfield options within Montreal, including:

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