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On-Demand Private Jet Charter for Business Purposes

Updated: May 14, 2023

A woman on her smartphone on a private jet

Every entrepreneur knows that travelling to multiple business meetings in different cities or countries can be energy-draining, time-consuming and stressful, especially when one is at

the mercy of commercial schedules. With flying commercial, the probability that you will be late or miss out on important meetings or promising business opportunities is, unfortunately, often a given if you do not fly there one or two days in advance.

Delays, restricted schedules, showing up stressed and last-minute or cancellations are just some examples of what can minimize the joy of managing and growing your business. Therefore, private jet chartering is often a sensible solution for companies and foundations to solve this issue and transverse a former inconvenience into an ultimate convenience.

When your valuable time and business are at stake, Abeona International helps you to take back control and optimize your work schedule and life quality.

A man's watch projecting a graphic of a private jet

Taking Back Control of Your Time and Business

Time is money, and it should be treated like that. Flying private for business purposes offers a no-nonsense approach that appreciates and treasures your valuable time and, most likely, even saves you money in the long run.

Commercial flights will always be subject to delays and cancellations due to several external factors like the weather, other passengers, airport management or mechanical issues.

With on-demand private jet charters, you have the flexibility and convenience of choosing your departure date and time. With that, you don’t have to fly to the location of your meeting days in advance and instead use your time efficiently since the probability of delays is greatly minimised. By flying private, you'll be able to use your time much more wisely than compared to the restricted schedules of commercial flights, which often make you wait for hours on end.

The environment of busy and loud airports with thousands of strangers next to you worsens this experience since that environment won't allow the best of us to use the waiting time to work in the meantime. If you fly private, you do not have to go through the main airport building and you will have a quick and relaxed process instead.

These are just a few examples of why chartering a private jet is an excellent solution to maximize your time and that of your most important employees. A private jet will get you where you need to go when it matters the most, while allowing for a convenient travel and onboard experience – you and your business associates can prepare in peace for meetings and events or discuss matters privately while in the air.

Those who switch from flying commercial to chartering private jets often experience an essential improvement for their companies or corporate institutions. Especially if you or your partners are frequent flyers due to the nature of your business, flying private can help you transform useless waiting times into constructive working hours.

For those clients who fly frequently, Abeona offers several smart solutions, like jet-sharing and empty-leg flights, that fuse the luxury of flying private with cost-efficiency.

Group Charters, Empty-Legs & Jet-Sharing

A team taking a business meeting on a private jet

Group Charters

Chartering a private jet as a group is an excellent example of a cost-efficient approach to private aviation. Maybe you and your business associates have a meeting or notary appointment that you all need to fly to – if you share a private jet, perhaps a turboprop or another small aircraft, you can split the costs and will often not pay significantly more than flying Business class.

With this, you’ll have all the advantages of flying private, like the flexibility, convenience and privacy for a similar price to commercial flights.

A graphic showing how empty private jets work


Empty-leg flights are predominantly private aircraft that are being repositioned before their next scheduled flights without passengers on board, which is why those flights are called “empty legs”.

They are a clever way to decrease the investment of flying private while maintaining the accustomed comfort and convenience. Feel free to reach out to us about empty leg flights at any time.


The most popular practice of jet sharing is that the cost of chartering a private aircraft is shared with another person or a small group of people.

Abeona has a close and personal relationship with its clients, who regularly reach out to us with their personal flying requests. We can assist you in seamlessly arranging the charter of a jet for you and your group or arranging the alignment of your travel inquiry with another similar inquiry to arrange the share of a private jet to cut down the costs for all flyers.

Abeona’s extensive expertise allows us to excel in aligning schedules, taking charge of the logistics and ascertaining whether your desired travel date and destination align with another scheduled flight of third parties.

Flight attendants greeting passengers outside a white private jet

Avoid Delays and Cancellations

With a private jet, you don't have to wait for strangers who have mismanaged their time. You can arrive at the airport and be taken directly to your aircraft within only a few minutes. The security check will be executed onboard in the privacy of your aircraft, and the same goes for passport control and customs clearance.

Abeona will be happy to arrange a black-car- service for your ground transport to the airport and from arrival to offer you an even greater, seamless travel experience.

A man and a woman taking calls and working on a private jet

Do Not Miss Out on Business Opportunities

There is nothing more regrettable than missing out on a promising business opportunity because a flight was delayed, changed or cancelled. If you have business appointments in multiple cities or need to be there on a moment's notice, then a private jet charter is the way to go.

By choosing Abeona as your boutique travel provider, you will always be able to get to your destination on time, on your own schedule and with a meticulously curated and exclusive onboard experience. We treat no client the same and offer a tailored and customized service for every business owner and their individual needs.

Abeona International provides seamless and customized travel arrangements for those who wish to use private jet charter services – be it for business or private purposes. We will ensure that all the details are taken care of – before, during, and after take-off. We offer our clients flexible scheduling options so that they can select precisely the time and date that suits their company's needs the most.

Abeona International banner

Abeona is at your disposal for all your business flying inquiries

If you're looking for convenience and efficiency when travelling, then chartering a private jet is an excellent choice. Furthermore, the time that you save while flying private, is often worth the slightly bigger investment. You can charter a flight on-demand or reach out to us for economical jet-sharing solutions.

Abeona International is proud to serve its client with a tailored, old-school service that treats each client as the individual that they are!

We will make sure to take you above and beyond.

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