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Charting a Private Jet for a Cargo Flight

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Your guide to shipping with private jet charter

The benefits of flying privately are well-documented. From the reduced crowds to the personalized service, there is no shortage of advantages to charting a private jet. It’s why people are flocking from commercial airlines to private aviation alternatives, especially after the challenges of the past two years and resulting regulations.

Did you know, though, that you can charter a private jet for purposes beyond traveling in luxury?

If you have shipped items with commercial services, you likely know the issues associated with doing so. From horror stories about lost shipments to delivery schedules that do not align with your own, finding a superior alternative is key.

Rather than risking delays (or worse), you can use a private charter to efficiently, safely ship your cargo. Opting for this over shipping commercially is exponentially better for numerous reasons. Whether you have shipped via private jet charter before or this concept is entirely new to you, there is a good chance there are more advantages to this shipping method than you know.

For a comprehensive picture of why charting a private jet for a cargo flight is superior to commercial alternatives, read on.

No Limitations

One of the primary concerns people express when shipping items is the limitations commercial shipping methods may place on them. Whether it is size and weight restrictions or parameters limiting the type of items that can be shipped, the result is more than just frustration and inconvenience—it is a setback that sends you to square one.

Private jet charter for cargo opens up a world of possibility for you, giving you the freedom to transport practically anything your heart desires. Nearly anything is possible when using a private charter to transport cargo, just make sure you are preemptive by getting in touch with your charter in advance. This will allow the necessary preparations to be made in time.

Scheduling Flexibility

Rather than bending to the predetermined itineraries of commercial cargo flights, you can have more precise control over the schedule of your private cargo flight. This additional flexibility provides you the opportunity to ensure your shipment gets to its destination when you need it to—whether that’s in advance of your arrival, in time for an important meeting, or otherwise.

This can be imperative if you are shipping something that requires special accommodations or you are working on a tight schedule. Late shipments can be devastating to your business or personal plans, making scheduling flexibility an absolute must.

More Shipment Locations

Private jet charters have access to smaller airports than commercial alternatives, meaning you have more locations to choose from when shipping your cargo. Not only are these additional locations key to directing your cargo as close to your intended destination as possible, but they also give you access to more remote locations.

The increased number of airports you can ship items to, including remote locations, can be truly game-changing. When your cargo needs to reach a remote area or be delivered as close as possible to its final destination, this advantage of private jet charters for cargo flights is often overlooked despite being unbelievably beneficial. Once you have experienced the addition of these smaller airports, you will wonder how you ever lived without them.

Precise Control

Sometimes, cargo is too precious to entrust to strangers’ hands. In cases such as these, a private charter for shipping is the best way to assert more precise control over the shipment and delivery. There is nothing more valuable for your peace of mind than having direct involvement in the particulars and logistics—a private charter gives you exactly that.

Urgent Shipping

Hand-in-hand with scheduling flexibility comes urgent shipping. Whether it is a last-minute shipment you were not expecting to make or a crisis in which something must be shipped at a moment’s notice, chartering a private jet for cargo is the single best way to ensure your shipment arrives on time, even if it is urgent.

Remote Destinations

An additional benefit of being able to use the multitude of smaller issues is access to remote locations. Often, these locations are unavailable to other methods of flight, giving private jet charters an obvious advantage when it comes to shipments. Also, some areas may be inaccessible to any form of travel other than flying to a small airport, giving you the ability to deliver to otherwise impossible-to-reach


Shipping is essential to your life, whether it’s for business or your personal ambitions. While commercial options may work on certain occasions, when you have time-sensitive cargo to transport or want more precise control over the specifics of how, when, and where it is delivered, choosing to ship via charter slight is the superior option.

If you would like more information on private jet charter flights for cargo or want to discuss the logistics of a specific shipment, feel free to reach out to the experts at Abeona. With the knowledge, experience, and extensive network to facilitate all of your personal travel needs and cargo flights, Abeona is your go-to resource for all things private aviation.

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