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Empty Leg Flights & You: A Quick Guide to Private Jet Empty Legs

Luxury travel, convenience, and cost-effectiveness might not seem like three phrases that go hand-in-hand when it comes private aviation.

More than likely, passengers are forced to choose one of the three, settling for sky-high prices featuring convenient air paths or quite the opposite, more affordable travel without any of the luxurious conveniences.

But what if we told you that choosing among these descriptors isn’t necessary?

What if we were to tell you that you can have luxury travel, comfort, convenience, and affordability all at once?

What if we were to tell you that the pique of these phrases all comes to one, beautiful culmination with a different set of three, simple words?

If this is a new phrase for you—or if you’ve heard it before but weren’t quite sure what it meant—you’ve found the answers you seek.

In this quick, go-to guide, we’re offering the succinct and swift answers you’ve been looking for, and further, the secret to luxurious, affordable, private air travel.

What Are Empty Legs, Exactly?

Before we can help you unlock the secret to this style of travel, it’s first necessary to create a foundational knowledge of what empty legs are in the first place.

Let’s start with the phrase itself.

The term “Empty leg” is a common aviation phrase that’s often used to describe flights that do not contain passengers or cargo.

In other words, these flights are private aircraft that are typically flying without passengers with the goal of repositioning before their next scheduled flights. The flight that takes that plane toward its “home base” (where the plane is parked or stored) for its repositioning is called an empty leg flight.

Sometimes called empty legs, one-way flights, empty flights, dead-heads, repositioning legs, and even ferry flights, empty legs make up about 30% of all private flights.

That means that about 3,000 empty legs are happening per day across the globe at any given time.

Understanding Empty Leg Flights

With statistics like that, it’s easy to see why empty leg flights are a consideration for luxury aviation companies and passengers. But it’s not all about the numbers. Empty leg flights are sought-after for their long list of benefits that passengers and aviation companies simply cannot deny.

For example, empty leg flights are often appealing because when an aircraft is repositioning, the air carrier may not be able to find a full-price customer who wants a one-way charter to match the specific, already-set route and time for that particular aircraft.

That means the carrier is unlikely to sell seats for the empty portion of the plane’s journey at full price.

In other words, passengers who choose to fly on an empty leg flight can save as much as 75% of a full charter price.

But that’s not the only important empty leg flight fact. Here are a few more important notes about empty leg flights:

  • Empty leg flights are a cost-effective way to fly with a chartered aircraft

  • You can experience even more cost savings without sacrificing luxury if you choose to jet-share and opt for group flights

  • Empty leg flights minimize health risks that go hand-in-hand with overcrowded, commercial flights

  • These types of flights offer unique one-way flight options

  • Increased comfort is a given because you’re not taking a traditional, commercial flight

  • Crowds, long lines, and group-related anxiety are not concerns

  • Simplified and streamlined customs and passport control

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for an Empty Leg Flight?

Empty leg flights offer passengers and travelers who have higher demands the opportunity to book flights that meet their specific needs and check all their unique boxes.

The ideal empty leg flight candidate will likely answer “yes” to questions like these:

  • Do I need a one-way flight that’s comfortable, affordable, and private?

  • Is my travel schedule flexible?

  • Will I be traveling to my 2nd home for an extended period of time?

  • Am I a “snowbird”?

If you answered a resounding yes to one or more of those questions, this could be an ideal route for booking a portion of your private flights while maintaining cost-saving practices.

The real magic of any empty leg flight lies in the perfect partnership with an aviation company that can provide you with the information, resources, and options you seek for a luxurious experience.

Are you looking for more in-depth details on empty leg flights? Our Empty Leg Flight eBook can provide you with detailed answers to frequently asked questions about empty leg flights as well as a more technical overview of the process.

As a traveler or passenger who prioritizes convenience, comfort, and cost-effective options, empty legs are the ultimate solution for you.

Looking for an empty leg flight soon? Get in touch via our contact form or by emailing us at

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