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Empty Leg Flights to Florida

The most convenient and cost-effective way to fly to Florida

A plane flying through a tropical sky.

Do you dream of basking in the gracious glow of the sun? Do you long to feel the sand between your toes as the waves lap? If beaches, theme parks, and perpetually perfect weather sound like paradise to you, Florida should be circled on your travel itinerary. The Sunshine State awaits, you just have to get there.

This may sound like a tourism ad, but it is far better than that in actuality.

For those who are flying from Canada (like Toronto and Vancouver) and have heard the alluring call of sunny Florida, it’s likely they wish to experience the warm weather, attractions, exceptional cuisine, and more. The good news? There is a superior option to commercial flights.

Private aviation has several potent advantages over commercial flights, including fewer crowds, enhanced safety protocols, flexible scheduling, and a personalized luxury experience that commercial airlines simply cannot match.

With Abeona and its extensive network of private aviation connections, the opportunity to opt-out of the chaos of commercial flights and experience the tremendous advantages of private flight is easier to embrace than ever. Options like jet sharing and empty leg flights make it effortless and affordable to travel in comfort and convenience, whether your destination is across the country or down to Florida.

What are Empty Leg Flights?

Empty leg flight infographic.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of private flight at a discount, empty leg flights are one of the best ways to do so. Simply put, empty leg flights refer to the repositioning of an aircraft for its next flight or to return to its home base. When this repositioning occurs, the empty seats are often sold at a tremendous discount—sometimes as much as 75% off the full charter price.

While there are a few downsides to empty leg flights—namely the short notice scheduling and propensity to change—the significant savings are well worth it for travelers wishing to travel in style on a budget. As an additional savings opportunity, you can choose to share an empty leg flight with other travelers, thereby reducing the cost further.

When traveling to places like Florida, empty leg flights create an opportunity to have an exceptional travel experience without breaking the bank. This translates to superior comfort and enjoyment, of course, but also gives you more financial flexibility once you arrive.

In order to fully bask in the glory of private flight on your way to bask in the sun, you will need to be flexible. Because empty flights are often available only at short notice and tend to be one-way, it is rarely possible to adhere to a strict travel itinerary. With a touch of adaptability, though, you can be on your way in luxury to the sunny haven down south.

Fly Privately with Abeona

Navigating the world of private aviation can be challenging without an established network or industry expert to guide you. This is especially true of capitalizing on cost-saving opportunities like empty leg flight, as scheduling often occurs with short notice.

Having a friend in the industry whose expertise and passion is to assist you in experiencing the best travel possible is essential to not only being aware of empty leg flight openings but also securing and enjoying them in a streamlined, stress-free way.

That is where Abeona International shines. As a customer-centric business with an extensive network in the private aviation industry, Abeona is revolutionizing how Canadians travel at home and abroad. Specializing in everything from private jet charters to empty leg flights, Abeona works with each client individually to ensure their unique needs are met.

So, if you want to head to Florida and would like a particular snack to appreciate on the way, Abeona has you covered. With an attention to detail that large commercial airlines can only dream of providing, Abeona keeps you comfortable, happy, and safe from before the takeoff to after the landing.

Before you embark on your next southbound trip, take a moment to speak to one of Abeona International’s private aviation experts. They will aid you not only in developing a comprehensive itinerary specific to your preferences, but also can keep you up to date on budget-friendly private flights via jet sharing, empty legs, and more.

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