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Spectacular Events to Attend in September 2022

Convenient, stress-free travel to the world’s premier September events

The start of fall brings with it gorgeous color palettes, cooler weather, and a host of exciting events scattered across the globe. From artistic epicenters to renowned sporting events, there is no shortage of travel-worthy experiences waiting to be enjoyed.

Whether you’re chartering a flight to a specific attraction or seeking any chance to justify the journey, September 2022 offers ample opportunity to travel stress-free via private flight. To whet your adventure appetite, we’ve compiled the most spectacular events to attend in September 2022. We have no doubt at least one will catch your fancy.

A large tennis stadium filled with spectators.

US Open Grand Slam

August 29 – September 11 in New York, US

Steeped in history and rich in tradition, the US Open Grand Slam is one of the premier sporting events in the world. This year’s tournament marks the 142nd edition of the storied event and promises to be one of the most exciting and significant iterations this far.

With men’s tennis legends like Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer set to face off, the anticipation is palpable. In the balance hangs not only the title of US Open Grand Slam champion but also the all-time record for Grand Slam titles won by an individual. The drama is high, and the battle between icons and young challengers is tense. So, too, is the women’s tournament saturated in breathtaking action and enthralling storylines.

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A "tiff" sign on King Street at the Toronto International Film Festival

Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)

September 8 – 18 in Toronto, Canada

For nearly five decades, the Toronto International Film Festival, affectionately known as TIFF, has been wowing audiences and critics alike with its superb artistic offerings. With nearly 500,000 annual attendees, TIFF is one of the most popular cultural events in the world and has garnered worldwide recognition for its cinematic experiences and festival aura.

Hosted in downtown Toronto, this year’s TIFF is sure to entertain, provoke thoughtful conversation, and create meaningful memories that will persist for years to come. Join other lovers of art, culture, and film for this stunning 11-day event in one of the epicenters of the finer things in life. With the fantastic amenities of Toronto at your fingertips, including the ability to conveniently fly in and navigate the city with ease, you’re sure to have a relaxing experience immersed in the cultural wonderland of TIFF.

Race cars on a track at the F1 Italian Grand Prix.

F1 Italian Grand Prix

September 9 – 11 in Monza, Italy

The electrifying energy of Formula One racing is legendary, and the iconic track in Monza, Italy only adds to the drama of this high-stakes race. With several captivating storylines to follow, including the rivalries between drivers and between teams, the intrigue is more intense than ever before.

From the roar of the state-of-the-art racecars to the buzz of enthusiasm in the air, the Italian Grand Prix is equal parts grit and glamor. When you’re not watching in awe as the F1 cars speed by, you can soak in all that Monza, Italy, and the surrounding area have to offer. From fine dining to cultural epicenters, the opportunity to immerse yourself in the marvels of Italy is worth the journey, especially when that journey is as pleasurable as that provided by a private flight.

Enjoy all of the exhilaration of competition, fascinating tradition, and unbelievable atmosphere without the stress of commercial travel by opting for a private flight that is tailored to your preferences and needs. Along the way, sit back and relax—everything from pre-boarding to post-landing will be taken care of for you.

Sailboats and yachts docked at the Port Hercule in Monaco.

Monaco Yacht Show

September 29 – October 1 in Monaco

Beauty, luxury, and world-class brands converge in the paradisiacal Port Hercule in Monaco for the Monaco Yacht Show this September. With over 450 industry-leading names ranging from naval architects to yacht supplies in attendance, this incredible event is a must-see for yacht enthusiasts and casual observers alike.

View over 100 superyachts and 50 luxury tenders that will be on display, mingle with like-minded attendees, and learn from some of the preeminent experts in the yachting and sailing world as you explore this massive gathering. In your downtime, don’t forget to explore the surrounding area to soak in the culture, dining, entertainment, sights, and sounds. With the help of your private aviation guides, you can enjoy stress-free travels to and from the event, making the experience all the sweeter.

Explore the World with Abeona

If you’re ready to plan your next trip, make sure you’ll be able to engage yourself fully in enjoying it. Instead of being bogged down by the details of travel, allow Abeona to handle everything from transportation to the airport to in-flight snacks selected just for you. By removing the stress, Abeona lets you relax and focus on the event at hand. Feel free to reach out to us for more information regarding your next stress-free travel experience.

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