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Fly to Spooky and Fun Halloween Destinations with Abeona

Summer is packing up her bags, and slowly, the crisp whispers of autumn rustle through the trees, and thrilling enchantment beckons from the shadows. It is not long before Halloween, that time of year when the mundane world takes a back seat. At Abeona, we understand that Halloween, the season of magic, mystery, and spine-tingling adventure, holds a special place in the hearts of our clients. Stand ready to get whisked away with Abeona on an extraordinary journey to some of the most bewitching destinations in North America.

In this article, we’ll fill you in on the most eerie and fun Halloween destinations that have become synonymous with all things spooky to make for a Halloween to be remembered. So, hop on your broom and come with us on a brief visit to Massachusetts, New Orleans, spine-tingling theme parks, and the infamous Salem.

New Orleans – Voodoo, Vampires & Graveyards

When it comes to eerie destinations for us all-grown adults, there is nothing like the Deep South, with vibrant New Orleans as the epitome of old-world charm and spookiness. After a relaxing private flight with Abeona to New Orleans, witness the sultry dance between voodoo, jazz, and enchanting mysticism. Here, the spirits roam freely among the old oak trees covered in Spanish moss, and you'll find that every cobblestone street harbours secrets, both beautiful and macabre.

Dive into the enigmatic world of the French Quarter, where you can take a guided ghost tour and witness the past and the present intertwine. A visit to shops like Voodoo Authentica or Erzulie's Authentic Voodoo to learn about voodoo practices and pick up unique, mystical items should also be on your list. In the Hotel Monteleone, you can sit at the carousel bar and might encounter a vampire since the hotel is associated with vampire lore.

Abeona awaits to take you to this unforgettable cauldron of culture where, let’s not forget, your culinary desires will not be disappointed. Beignets and Jambalaya, anyone?

If you fancy a more historical approach to your Halloween trip, you might want to consider Massachusetts.

Massachusetts – America’s Cradle of The Supernatural

Step back in time and visit Massachusetts to experience America's supernatural heritage. With its gorgeous centuries-old cobblestone streets and colonial architecture, Massachusetts harbours stories that will send shivers down your spine. Did you know that the mysterious Bridgewater Triangle in Massachusetts is known for its eerie phenomena, including UFO sightings, ghostly apparitions, and unexplained animal mutilations?

From the shadowy depths of the Boston Harbor to the enigmatic cliffs of Martha's Vineyard, the spirits of the past come alive here, ready to share their eerie tales.

Especially during Halloween, there is much to explore and experience in beautiful Massachusetts. A direct private flight from Toronto to Massachusetts is only a mere few hours away.

Salem – Follow The Traces of The Infamous Witch Trials

Mentioning Massachusetts, we can’t exclude Salem, the epicentre of witchcraft, as one of our most favoured Halloween destinations. There, historical education meets a dreadful atmosphere.

Pay your respects at the Salem Witch Trials Memorial, a sombre place featuring stone benches engraved with the names of those accused and executed during the trials. You can also visit the home of Judge Jonathan Corwin, one of the judges involved in the witch trials, to gain insight into the era's history and superstitions.

Abeona will ensure that your journey to this bewitched town is nothing short of your expectations, whether that be Halloween-themed snacks onboard or a playlist that sets the mood for your spooky vacation. ”Monster Mash” singing cue!

Do you travel with small children, or are you planning a Halloween trip with the whole family or a group of friends who have little kids? Rest assured, we have some not-so-spooky and a little less serious Halloween destinations for you.

Halloween For The Little Ones

While Salem, New Orleans, and Massachusetts offer rich historical and spooky experiences for adults, the world of Disney provides a little less scary, more magical, and immersive Halloween adventure. The Disney theme parks can be enjoyed by the entire family, creating cherished memories that will last you a lifetime.

Disney's meticulous attention to detail transforms each theme park into a captivating Halloween wonderland during the season, offering a safe and child-friendly alternative to the scarier attractions found in places like New Orleans and Salem. Imagine the children's faces lighting up as they interact with beloved Disney characters dressed in their Halloween costumes, embark on themed rides, or roam through the magical landscapes.

Abeona offers direct flights to the airports close to Disneyland in Anaheim and Disney World in Orlando. Especially for Orlando, we have regular clients who commute to Florida, which might result in some jet-sharing opportunities for you around Halloween.

But how can you choose between the two parks?

Disneyland in Anaheim, California

Visiting Disneyland Anaheim during Halloween is a truly enchanting experience. As you step into the park, you're immediately immersed in a world where Disney characters don their spookiest costumes, and the entire place is adorned with festive, autumnal decorations. The atmosphere is brimming with magic, from the whimsical Haunted Mansion Holiday to the dazzling Halloween parade and the bewitching fireworks show.

Trick-or-treating through the park adds an extra layer of excitement, and encountering Disney villains is both thrilling and unforgettable.

California’s Disneyland offers a unique blend of Disney's trademark enchantment with the spirited essence of the season, making it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a dose of whimsy and wonder during Halloween.

Disney World in Orlando, Florida

While Anaheim is undoubtedly a great choice, Disney World in Florida offers even more rides and adventures since it is the bigger theme park. During Halloween, the entire resort is bedecked with captivating autumnal decor, and the Main Street Pumpkin Festival sets a cheerful and eerie tone. What truly sets Disney World apart during this season is Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, an after-hours event where guests of all ages can showcase their favourite costumes.

Spectacular parades, bewitching fireworks, and the Haunted Mansion make Disney World an unparalleled Halloween celebration.

Moreover, EPCOT's International Food and Wine Festival adds a culinary twist to the Halloween spirit, offering delicious treats from around the world.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us about your fall or Halloween travel plans or if you have found some inspiration in this article. Abeona’s team of expert flight concierges will be delighted to provide you with a streamlined private jet experience during the Halloween season.

If you plan to visit Disney World for Halloween, why not make a quick detour for a few days to the Bahamas? We can arrange for a private jet flight directly to the Bahamas or arrange a Caribbean yacht charter for you from either Florida or one of the Bahamian islands. A little Caribbean delight allows you to unwind after your adrenaline-rich Halloween celebration.

Thank you for your attention, and we hope you’ve found some inspiration in our Halloween-dedicated article.

Next week, we’ll let you know how to get ready for the upcoming Florida season

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