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Flying Private During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

The Top Three Reasons Private Flights Are Safer Than Commercial Flights

Driver inside car adjusting the mask covering his nose and mouth

Travel is one of the most enriching experiences any of us can have in life—because of this, we know that once the effects of the pandemic (and the pandemic itself) have faded, the demand for the industry will return (even if it happens slowly).

Currently, however, it’s highly possible that getting back into the air and on our way to our destinations might take more time than initially anticipated—this is why we’re so invested in sharing this news with you.

There are ways to travel—right now—in a safe, responsible way, even during these extraordinary times.

How can this be done exactly?

It goes without saying that flying privately can offer a luxury experience that commercial air flight simply can’t compete with, but there are plenty of unique, distinct, and notable reasons that a private flight is safer than traditional commercial flying—and we’re sharing our top three reasons why right here, right now.

The Top 3 Reasons Private Flying is a Safer Travel Option

Reason No. 1: Fewer Touchpoints, Lower Risk

Person walking through airport with luggage.

On average, there are approximately 700 touchpoints on a single commercial flight—each touchpoint exposing passengers to the potential risk of contagion. Private flights, on the other hand, often have less than 20 touchpoints, ensuring a risk that’s nearly 35-times lower than that of a commercial flight.

Though many travellers believe viruses can spread incredibly easily on planes, it’s actually difficult for planes to spread through the air on a plane because of how the air circulates and is filtered on flights. That being said, the crowded flights can make social distancing difficult, and often, flying commercially requires numerous encounters with other individuals—this provides a higher potential risk of becoming exposed to the coronavirus (and any virus, to be blunt).

From spending time in public security lines, airport terminals, and using all public transport once inside the airport, social distancing can be virtually impossible—and that is before you even board a crowded aircraft.

By contrast, private flights dramatically reduce those touchpoints—there are no long security lines, busy terminals, or interactions with any other travellers that are outside of your bubble.

You’re able to drive directly to your aircraft and arrange for a vehicle to pick you up from the aircraft when you land—other than the pilots, the only other individuals you will encounter are the ones in your own party. This limits your contact with others, thereby limiting the risk of contracting COVID-19.

Reason No. 2: Complete Control Of Your Environment

Interior of private jet with four white leather seats facing each other with flowers on a table

Now more than ever, the thought of crowded airport terminals and cramped aircraft cabins are wildly unappealing—this has led many travelers to consider flying privately for the first time ever. With private aviation providers reporting unprecedented interest among new customers, it’s impossible to deny the effect that the pandemic has had on the private flying industry.

But you don’t need to just take our word for it.

In a recent article—In the Face of Covid-19, More Leisure Travelers Try Private Planes—it was reported that private aviation companies are seeing spikes in flight inquiries showing a 127% growth in new customers, compared to June 2019.

Truly, clients have now expressed the need for private jet travel—and much of it is based on the desire to avoid large numbers of touchpoints associated with commercial travel. Unfortunately, when you fly commercial, you’re often left powerless to the decisions made by the airline you choose—you’ll have no say over who is on your flight, how crowded it is, or even who you sit directly next to.

Flying privately allows you to have complete control of your travel environment—you get to decide the members of your team or family you’ll be sharing space with, what the seating arrangements will be, when you would like to depart, and how your time is spent in the air.

You’re able to keep within your bubble for the entire journey.

Reason No. 3: An Increased Use of Disinfectants

Person wearing gloves using disinfectant spray and towel to clean countertop

As a private aviation company, we’re able to guarantee that the air carriers we work with are implementing the proper procedure to further the safety of crew members and passengers.

We have actually gone as far as committing to not working with air carriers that are choosing not to go above and beyond the basic cleansing requirements recommended by Transport Canada and the Federal Aviation Administration (The US equivalent of Transport Canada).

All of the aircraft chartered are continuously cleaned and are thoroughly disinfected prior to each flight. Some air carriers that we work with have even implemented further measures to ensure that a higher level of sanitization is accomplished.

After every flight aircraft cabins are electromagnetically sprayed with Bioesque—this kills 99.99% of viruses including Swine Influenza A (H1N1), HIV-1 AIDS, Human Coronavirus (COVID-19), and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV).

Other carriers have implemented a MicroShield 360 antimicrobial, which protects against the coronavirus and other pathogens that live on cabin surfaces for up to 12 months.

FBO facilities (Fixed based operators) also known as Private Departure Terminals have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting their facilities and offices with added attention to high traffic areas as well as customer and pilot lounges.

Social distancing markers are in place at FBO facilities to ensure a six-foot radius between guests and hand sanitation stations are situated throughout the facilities.

While commercial airlines are still trying to solve the issues they are facing due to COVID-19 (and we are confident that they will resolve their issues soon), private flying could be the most ideal option to explore right now, especially when it comes to ensuring confidence and a worry-free experience from the moment you board your plane.

Remember, no matter what your plans might be, flying safely is the priority! Even the best plans might need to be set aside if illness strikes. If you’re feeling sick, we encourage you to stay home, receive medical care, and rest up—once you’ve recovered, we can assist you with booking a private flight!

Fly Luxuriously, Fly Safely—Book Private Flights For Your Next Trip with Abeona

These unprecedented times don’t need to mean that traveling is off the table—travel safely, securely, and in style with Abeona. We highly encourage you to reach out and connect with us so you can begin planning for your next flight, holiday, or business trip. No matter when you might need a flight—in a day, a month, or a year—we can certainly assist you in booking the safest, most comfortable flight possible.

Get in touch with us now to begin discussing your options! Visit our site for our live chat feature, email us directly at, or contact us here. We look forward to connecting with you and assisting you in booking a premium, private flight!

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