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La Dolce Vita, History & Cultural Richness — A Mediterranean Yacht Paradise

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Ripe lemons dangling from citrus trees by the sea, ancient ruins telling tales of empires long-lost, culinary scents filling the air, and extraordinary landscapes looking like a masterpiece from Chagall or Renoir themselves — these are only a few impressions that await you during a visit to the Mediterranean Sea.

The Mediterranean is one of the most eclectic and desired sailing paradises worldwide, since it combines multiple sailing destinations with different cultures and landscapes. That unique European touch has something magical to it that cannot be found in the Western hemisphere — old-world Charm presents itself at its most authentic self in the Mediterranean.

Wide view of Port Hercules, the Monaco harbour

Sailing the Mediterranean

With our broad network of private yachts worldwide, we have access to the most exclusive and premium super and megayachts in Europe and the Mediterranean. Experience La Dolce Vita, Greek hospitality and French culture at its best in one of the most special sailing destinations in the world.

What makes the Mediterranean unique as a sailing destination is that you can combine exciting city trips with beach days, snorkelling and various cultural experiences throughout many different countries in only a short amount of time. Sail to multiple countries, cities and villages in only one or two weeks and experience the epitome of cultural richness. This is all possible thanks to the fact that the different countries and destinations in the Mediterranean lie close to one another. Therefore, you and your family or friends will be able to experience many unforgettable days in the different ports of call in the Mediterranean Sea. Furthermore, the European yachting infrastructure is excellent and well-organized.

In this short guide about sailing in the Mediterranean, we would like to showcase to you our favourite destinations and insider tips when sailing through this appealing region of Europe.

Bird's eye view of a large yacht sailing in the water

The French Riviera & Monaco

Most of you already know that Abeona is a big advocate of the French Riviera and Monaco. Those two destinations lie next to each other, which makes it recommendable to visit them one after the other.

The French Riviera offers an abundance of charming coastal villages, sophisticated harbours and the best that the French coastline has to offer. Biarritz, Nice, Cannes, St. Tropez and Villefranche-sur-mer are among our favourite cities to berth on the French Riviera. There, you’ll be able to mingle with European royalty and celebrities from all around the world and to connect with your European friends that you haven’t seen in a while.

Monaco, a microstate on the French Riviera, has one of the most prestigious deep-water harbours in the world. Port Hercule is THE place to anchor your superyacht and enjoy the best that Monaco has to offer. Exquisite food, long nights in the Casino de Monte Carlo and shopping sprees along the avenue des Beaux-Arts and the allées Lumières. Step into the footsteps of Grace Kelly and the Count of Monte Cristo.

A house in Italy surrounded by cliffs and the Mediterranean Sea

Sicily & Greece

Even though it is hard to narrow our favourite destinations in the Mediterranean down to only a few, Sicily and Greece cannot be excluded from our preferred countries when it comes to yachting through Europe.

Those two destinations are relatively close enough to each other to combine them in your itinerary. In around 48 hours, you’ll be able to sail from Greece to Sicily or vice versa. Those two countries have very interesting and different cultures that make you feel like you’ve travelled around half the world and not only 281 nautical miles. Spaghetti in Palermo on Wednesday and Moussaka on Paxos on Friday. Yes, please.

Bird's eye view of Santorini and the Mediterranean Sea


Turquoise water that is unmatched worldwide and an abundance of secret coves and beaches throughout the Greek islands make Greece one of the most beautiful sailing destinations in the Mediterranean. It will be difficult to find more clear and sparkling water anywhere else in Europe. While your wife and daughters rehearse their favourite scenes of Mamma Mia, you can enjoy a nice glass of Ouzo and, admit it, sing along after a few.

In Addition, Greece offers historical and archaeological experiences like no one else in the world. Did you know that the lost city of Atlantis is said to have been located in Santorini? History enthusiasts will not be bored in Greece; we can guarantee that.

Ice cream covered in nuts, served on a black plate


Many Italians will tell you that being Sicilian is entirely different from being Italian in general. Sicilians are said to be the most welcoming, down-to-earth and friendly among all Italians. Supposedly, you will never leave a Sicilian home hungry. And, of course, the history of La Cosa Nostra makes this destination especially interesting and appealing for all fans of “The Godfather.”

Palermo, Taormina, Syracuse, Modica and Sciacca are eclectic and lovely cities to visit during your visit to Sicily. Make sure to get your hands on a Sicilian orange salad and homemade Cannoli. Also, try a plate of Pasta alla Norma — these are all Sicilian dishes that, naturally, taste best in Sicily.

Doesn’t this sound like a trip you can’t refuse?

A megayacht with a helicopter on the top landing

Yacht Charter Services in the Mediterranean

With access to every single yacht and superyacht in the Med’, we will ensure to meet and exceed your personal expectations and preferences for your European holiday.

Abeona, with its treasured partner Moravia, operates world-class yachts, superyachts and megayachts up for charter in the most desired sailing destinations throughout the Mediterranean. Furthermore, we have partnered with selected yacht staffing and management companies that will cater to your every wish and need.

Tandem Charters

If you plan to sail with a larger group through Europe, we’ll be happy to arrange a tandem charter for you and your family or friends.

Tandem charters sail together and anchor as a unit. This makes it possible to make the most of the trip for every group member and to travel with larger groups of people.

Two superyachts passing each other in the sea

Your Yacht Vacation in the Med’

Ensure your upcoming holiday with family or friends will be unforgettable by sailing to some of the world's most iconic destinations in the Mediterranean. At Abeona, you will receive a tailored and personal boutique travel experience. Every client is unique and special to use, which is why we need no travel inquiry the same.

Our skilled concierge team will be happy to assist and consult you on your next sailing trip in the Mediterranean.

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