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Ready to Start Flying to NYC on a Regular Basis Again?

Times Square in New York City

With the world renormalizing and the freedom to fly with convenience and safety restored, the time has finally come to start making regular trips to New York City again. From face-to-face business meetings to recreational trips to weekend getaways with the family, NYC is only a comfortable private flight away.

A brief journey from Canada to NYC–especially on a regular basis–should be seamless.

However, jet fuel prices are extremely volatile, major airports (think Toronto Pearson) are more trouble than they are worth, and the time-consuming nature of the process often overwhelms the actual travel time.

If you are searching for a more convenient, and time and effort-efficient travel option, you are not alone. Thankfully, there is a better way.

Bird's eye view of Central Park and New York City skyscrapers.

Private Flight from Canada to New York City

As your travel needs and frequency increase and evolve, the flight experience grows more meaningful. Eliminating stress before, during, and after the journey is essential, as is reducing time wasted on the pre and post-flight necessities. Time is valuable–spending precious moments navigating the frustrating routes of commercial airlines is likely not the best use of time. A travel experience that’s seamless, reliable, and tailored to your personal preferences and convenience makes sense more than ever before.

That is why Abeona International has created a spectre of services to facilitate streamlined travel between Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, or Vancouver and New York. Our private flights offer added flexibility, comfort, convenience, and safety travel between your locations.

There is no question that securing a commercial flight from Toronto to New York is easy (despite the recent troubles at major airports). What is not easy is predicting and dealing with the obstacles that are all too common with commercial airlines. From endless security lines to unforeseen delays, what should be a quick and easy process can suddenly be a tremendous burden that stretches for hours.

Commercial airports and flights have long been associated with unpredictable delays, and recent staffing shortages have only exacerbated the problem.

The solution for many people is chartering a private jet to reach New York City. However, there is a cost to this alternative—the financial impact. Many private charters of light jets cost approximately $10,000. With the current volatility of jet fuel prices, those flights are now in the range of $15,000. When traveling between Toronto and NYC on a regular basis, the cost rapidly becomes a concern.

With Abeona International, you can often find jet sharing and empty leg flight opportunities that significantly reduce the cost. By sharing the price of the flight with others you can complete your regular journey to and from New York at a lower cost, and save more the more often you travel.

The Statue of Liberty and New York City's skyscrapers.

How Abeona’s Charter Jet Service Works

Our service aims to streamline the process for everyone involved, adding the option to tailor your journey to your exact preferences. For those who regularly travel from Canada to New York, including for business, weekend getaways, and exclusive events, we add convenience and time and cost-effectiveness to their schedules. Abeona International also helps you remove the stress associated with commercial flights and airport processes—you can even avoid customs and security until touchdown in New York.

Your well-being is at the center of Abeona’s approach to private flight. If you would like to learn more about our charter jet service, feel free to reach out to us. We’d like nothing more than to help you unlock the full potential of your travel experience.

A pilot and flight attendants standing next to a private jet on the tarmac.

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