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Ring in the New Year in Style – Abeona’s Top 4 Destinations for New Year's Eve

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

As the countdown to New Year's Eve is just around the corner, Abeona is here to inspire you on how to ring in the New Year in style.

NYE is an occasion for extravagance, celebration, joy, and making memories. For those who wish to welcome the upcoming year with a touch of luxury and grandeur, North America offers various destinations, each with its unique charm. If you are looking for something more extraordinary and exotic, we have another destination further South up our sleeves. 

Abeona will explore four enchanting destinations for New Year's Eve celebrations in this article, each renowned for its lavish festivities and unparalleled experiences. 

So, get your sparkly clothes in order and get ready to discover our favourite destinations for NYE 2024 with us!

New York City

What is a more classic NYE destination than New York City? If you like the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, New York is the ideal destination for your NYE, and it is just one direct flight away. Since most of us go to bed late on New Year’s Eve, “The City That Never Sleeps” seems simply perfect to ring in the new year. 

NYC is not only one of our favorite New Year’s Eve destinations but is appreciated as one of the most desirable NYE destinations all around the world. 

We have curated some more reasons why we think that NYC is a wonderful destination for New Year’s Eve:

The Times Square Ball Drop

Millions of revellers from around the world gather in Times Square to witness the dazzling descent of the Waterford Crystal Ball. As the clock strikes midnight, confetti shower the crowd, and the night sky erupts with breathtaking fireworks. Everyone should witness the Times Square Ball Drop at least once in their life to share in the unique sense of unity that envelopes the crowd in the bedazzling Times Square.

Broadway & World-Class Entertainment

NYC is renowned for its Broadway shows, and New Year's Eve offers the perfect opportunity to catch a spectacular performance. From musicals to concerts, the city hosts an array of entertainment options to make your evening truly special. 

This year, you can see The Lion King, Moulin Rouge, Wicked, and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. There is something to see for the whole family.

Avoid the Crowds and Join a Rooftop Party

This would be our favourite way to spend NYE in New York – rather than being squeezed into the crowd at Times Square, we recommend you enjoy the spectacle with some innovative cocktails at a rooftop bar. 

Enjoy the city's skyline from exclusive bars and lounges like St. Cloud Rooftop, the Castell Rooftop Lounge, or CloudM at Times Square. Sip on champagne and dance the night away while taking in the mesmerizing views of the illuminated city and watching the Waterford Crystal Ball drop.

Culinary Highlights & Gourmet Dining

NYC boasts an abundance of Michelin-starred restaurants and eateries, offering exquisite New Year's Eve dining experiences. Many establishments curate special menus for the occasion, ensuring a memorable culinary journey.

Las Vegas – Celebrate NYE in the Desert

Las Vegas is synonymous with luxury, entertainment, and extravagance, making it a prime destination for celebrating New Year's Eve. A big plus for Las Vegas is also the warm weather around NYE, which can be nice considering the freezing temperatures in Canada at the moment.

Here's what sets the city apart for this grand occasion, in our opinion:

Epic Fireworks Display

The Las Vegas Strip comes alive with a dazzling firework show that illuminates the desert sky. The synchronized pyrotechnics are a remarkable sight and add a dash of glitz to the festivities.

World-Famous Parties

Las Vegas is home to some of the most extravagant parties on New Year's Eve. Top clubs and hotels host A-list celebrities and DJ performances, creating an atmosphere of non-stop celebration. For example, the ‘Time of your Life Festival’ and the ‘Steve Aoki New Year’s Eve Party’ are promising events this year. 

You can visit the various hotels, parties and clubs and really make a night of it.

Gourmet Dining

Las Vegas' renowned restaurants offer extravagant tasting menus, wine pairings, and themed culinary experiences to tantalize your taste buds as you toast to the new year.

Casinos & Live-Shows

Try your luck at the city's opulent casinos, visit a live show, or relax at a luxurious spa. Las Vegas provides a myriad of entertainment options to suit every taste. This year, you can see Bruno Mars, Demi Lovato, Post Malone, and David Blaine, for example.

Are you seeking a more exotic and extravagant destination for this year's NYE? We've got you covered.

Rio de Janeiro – An Exotic Carnival-Style Celebration

If you have celebrated NYE in the Big Apple and Las Vegas already, your heart might long for something different and more unique. Let us tell you, Rio de Janeiro knows how to throw a party, and its New Year's Eve celebration, known as "Réveillon," is nothing short of spectacular. 

Here's why this Brazilian gem is a top choice for a memorable start to the year and one of Abeona’s favourite NYE destinations:

Copacabana Beach Party

The iconic Copacabana Beach is the epicentre of the festivities. Millions of people dressed in white gather to witness a stunning fireworks display accompanied by live music and samba dancing. Do you know why Brazilians traditionally wear white on NYE? The symbolism of wearing white on New Year’s Eve is an African tradition where the people who wear white clothes hope to attract good luck and fortune. 

Jumping Seven Waves & Offerings to the Goddess of the Ocean

Réveillon in Rio includes a tradition where people cast flowers, candles, and other offerings into the sea to honour the goddess of the ocean. It's a beautiful and spiritual aspect of the celebration. There is also the tradition of getting into the sea and jumping seven waves. The tradition of jumping seven waves at the turn of the year, making seven different requests, is also linked to ancient religious beliefs and traditions. 

Spectacular Nightlife

Rio's vibrant nightlife continues throughout the night, with numerous clubs and bars offering live music, dancing, and beachside parties that extend until the early hours.

Escape Into Summer – December as Rio’s Peak Season

Celebrating New Year's Eve in Rio means enjoying warm, perfect weather, which adds to the festive ambiance and provides an excellent start to the year. December is the peak season for visiting Rio de Janeiro, and warm weather will await you once you leave your private jet.

A Family-Friendly NYE Destination – Disney World, Florida

For Canadian families seeking a child-friendly New Year's Eve destination, look no further than Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The magical world of Disney comes to life on New Year's Eve with special parades, fireworks, and entertainment designed for visitors of all ages. 

Kids can enjoy meeting their favourite Disney characters, and the park offers early countdowns for families with young children, ensuring a memorable and enchanting start to the new year in a truly magical setting.

Abeona International regularly flies to Florida, and there will likely be jet-sharing opportunities around NYE to fly to Orlando since many of our clients love to visit Orlando around NYE.

Plan Your New Year’s Eve with Abeona

Each of these destinations offers a unique New Year's Eve experience. Choose between the iconic ball drop in New York City, extravagant parties and casinos in Las Vegas, the traditional carnival celebrations in Rio de Janeiro and fairy tale experiences for the little ones in Disney World.

Whichever NYE destination has caught your attention, you can be certain that you'll ring in the new year in style and create unique memories that will last a lifetime.

Thank you for reading this week’s article, and we hope we were able to inspire you for your NYE festivities. 

Next week, we will talk about flying with children and how you can prepare your kids for flying with us. 

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