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The Gift of Experience: Explore Abeona’s New Services

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

A fancy meal set up on a private jet charter

It is often said that there is no better gift than an experience. Things come and go, but the memories formed with loved ones are invaluable and last a lifetime. It is practically impossible to put a price on your most beloved experiences and the significance they carry.

It is these once-in-a-lifetime experiences that shape who you are and inform your passions.

Whether it is for a best friend, a romantic partner, a family member, or even yourself, the gift of an experience can communicate where a physical gift or words may fall short.

Abeona is helping you give those experiential gifts that last forever. Like everything we do, Abeona Experiences goes beyond the superficial and touches even the smallest detail to ensure the experience you are giving is nothing short of unforgettable.

A couple getting engaged during dinner on a private jet charter

How Abeona Experiences Works

Sometimes even the perfect gift idea needs help to propel it from concept to reality. When it comes to experiences, this is especially true—creating a memorable experience often involves multiple steps and a substantial amount of planning. Abeona Experiences is the facilitator that turns ideas into real experiential gifts.

Abeona provides opportunities for unique, one-of-a-kind adventures. Whether you have an idea already sorted or you come to us with a blank slate, the result is the same—we offer expert guidance to help transform an experience into an unforgettable adventure. Along the way, there is practically endless customization, giving you the opportunity to add personal touches and tailor every aspect of the gift to your exact specifications.

Finally, Abeona provides the support needed to ensure the entire operation goes smoothly. If dilemmas or obstacles arise, we will handle them so you can focus on the experience at hand.

Consider Abeona Experiences a four-step process (though it is more nuanced than it appears).

  1. Brainstorming. Bring your idea to us or brainstorm with us. Either way, the first step is figuring out what experience you wish to create.

  2. Details. Together with our team, you and your resourceful concierge will develop a specific plan that addresses every aspect of the experience. The details matter and this phase will ensure they are perfect.

  3. Experience. Whether it is for you, someone else, or a bit of both, now is the time to relax and enjoy. The Abeona team will make sure everything goes smoothly.

  4. Enjoy. With the experience complete, you can relish the new memories. Take your time to truly cherish the experience, then start planning the next one

A white private jet with a red stripe in a private airplane hanger

Abeona Experience Gift Ideas

While Abeona is happy to help you create some unique experiences that you come up with on your own, there are a handful of popular gift ideas you might want to consider. These experiences are sure to transcend the ordinary, bring a smile to everyone’s faces, and stick in the memory as unforgettable moments of joy and levity.

  • Private Jet Hangar Photoshoots – There is nothing more epic than a VIP photoshoot with state-of-the-art jets in the background. You can even get on board and have photos taken while you and your party enjoy the luxurious interior. Regardless of the occasion, this experience is sure to make everyone involved feel on top of the world.

  • Scenic Helicopter Tours – What better way to make a lasting impression than by seeing some of the most iconic destinations from the unparalleled perspective of the sky? Scenic helicopter tours are perfect for viewing unforgettable landscapes, from Hawaii to Barcelona. Wherever you want to go, Abeona can make it happen.

  • Custom Banner Towing Flights – Imagine sharing a special message with those most important to you in the most unique, surprising way possible. With custom banner towing flights, you can make a lasting impression by spreading your message through the skies.

  • Jet Charter Weekend Trips – Take your weekend trip to the next level by chartering a private jet to your destination. On your way, enjoy a movie marathon, whiskey tasting, board game face-off, and more. Just let us know your preferences, and we will make sure everything is ready for you and your party. We can even complete the journey by welcoming you with a helicopter or limo upon arrival.

  • Decorated and Branded Private Flights – Imagine flying with your family to a theme park. That experience alone would be incredible and memorable. Now add their favorite related theme to flight in the form of movies, décor, characters, and more. Such an immersive flight would no doubt create lifelong memories to cherish.

  • Private Jet Hangar Renting – From weddings to the ultimate Christmas party, renting a private jet hangar sets the stage for an unforgettable event. You can rent a private jet hangar to shoot a video (or a TV show even), giving your artistic friend the opportunity of a lifetime.

An airplane pilot and passenger enjoying the view from the sky in a private jet

No matter what experience you have in mind, Abeona will help it exceed even your highest expectations. With a team of experts dedicated to making your gift one for the ages, you can rest assured that the experience will be everything you hoped for and more. It is bound to be a cherished memory for years to come. Contact us to learn more.

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