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The Pandemic's Impact on Businesses and Flying Private

The impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the world has been profound. Nearly every industry has felt its effects, perhaps none more substantially than travel. Businesses and organizations have had to adapt on the fly to a constantly shifting landscape of health regulations, travel restrictions, and safety protocols.

While many of these changes were fleeting and have since come and gone, other impacts of the pandemic continue to affect private aviation. These lasting adjustments to the private flight industry continue to shape how travel takes place and set the expectations of businesses and organizations that rely on it for operational success.

A private jet sitting on the tarmac.

What exactly are these pandemic-induced changes, and how is flying privately now different for businesses and organizations? Read on for a succinct look at the industry today, as well as how you can best navigate it.

Private Flying is the Superior Option

The pandemic accentuated flaws that have long existed in the world of commercial aviation. Long lines, delayed flights, and inflexible scheduling grew more challenging as more regulations were imposed, caution was cranked up, and uncertainty ruled the day. The comfort and convenience of private flights, including charters, were suddenly forced into the limelight as people realized their travel experience could be exceptionally positive even in difficult times.

The same remains true today. While commercial options have slowly adapted to post-pandemic operation, private flights are a much superior alternative. With more flexible scheduling, streamlined adjustment to sweeping industry changes, and personalization that commercial airlines simply cannot match, private aviation is the ideal travel method for businesses and organizations that value consistency and control.

The Enhanced Benefits of Jet Ownership

Private charters are convenient and a far superior option to commercial flight in a post-pandemic world, but for some, even this does not go far enough. Jet ownership is the next step toward travel freedom and flexibility, making it an advantageous option for businesses and organizations that rely on frequent flights to grow and thrive.

Not only does jet ownership give you the most possible flexibility in terms of scheduling and flight protocols, but it also unlocks tremendous financial and time management potential. Over the course of a year’s flights, purchasing and owning a jet can save money over charters and other alternatives. Coupled with the many other benefits of jet ownership, this contributes to a compelling argument for jet ownership in certain situations.

With Abeona as your guide, you can easily ascertain if jet ownership is right for your business or organization. Abeona’s industry experts can then guide you to the perfect aircraft for your needs, aid in ensuring your new jet stays properly maintained, and handle the details to guarantee each flight features consistent quality.

Safety Protocols Remain Paramount

Whether flying commercially or privately, the enhanced safety protocols designed to keep travelers healthy are here to stay. Due to their ability to specifically cater to the needs of their clients, private aviation companies have been far more successful in adapting to these new protocols and creating a safe, healthy environment for those flying privately.

When flying privately, especially in a post-pandemic world, you can expect consistently superior cleanliness before, during, and after the flight. If you have any desires or needs that require personalization in terms of cleaning and safety protocols, service providers like Abeona can work with you directly to ensure those specific requests are met and that your standards are always exceeded.

Businesses Benefit from Flying Privately

A close-up of a man wearing a mask sitting in the driver's seat.

The pandemic deeply affected the ability of businesses to travel in the traditional manners. Many companies were hesitant or outright refused to send representatives to perform integral business functions via commercial flights. The risk was simply too great. For some, this mindset remains, leading to a troubling dilemma and limiting their ability to maintain current relationships and form new ones.

Businesses that adapted to the pandemic environment and embraced private flight, on the other hand, have excelled in the face of extreme adversity. Private aviation allowed them to travel safely, thereby attending vital meetings and conferences, capitalizing on opportunities—even those missed by other companies—and conducting business as normally as possible given the circumstances.

With the future still uncertain, businesses that switched to private flight early have a distinct advantage over those that opted for commercial flight or no travel at all. However, it is never too late to shift your business travel strategy and improve your flight flexibility through private aviation. Doing so can unlock business opportunities you have been missing due to the pandemic and safeguard your interests in an uncertain future.

There is no doubt that the repercussions of the pandemic will continue to affect the travel industry, including the private aviation world for businesses and organizations. However, with an ability to adapt quickly and implement protocols designed to keep travelers safe, on time, and otherwise satisfied in these trying times, private flight is the best solution for the challenges brought by COVID-19.

Abeona is the premier name in the world of private aviation, and with a team of experienced experts passionate about helping others enjoy the advantages of private flight, Abeona is sure to guide you to the right travel solution for your business or organization. From arranging private charters and finding budget-friendly travel opportunities to assessing your needs and aiding you in the purchase and management of your own jet, Abeona covers a spectrum of private aviation requirements while emphasizing your unique needs and staying committed to excellence.

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