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Travel Destination Ideas For Your Next Winter Vacation

The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic were many and touched nearly every aspect of life. From transitioning a large portion of the workforce to remote jobs to finding new ways to interact with loved ones and friends, everyone has experienced change and put plans on hold.

While perhaps not as dire as some of the trials brought on by COVID, the pandemic certainly threw a wrench into people’s travel plans, both necessary and recreational. At the very least, a substantial reevaluation of how we think about and execute air travel took place.

Now, the world is opening up again, and the freedom of movement shines like a bright beacon of relaxation and warmth on the winter horizon. With a renewed ability to travel to remote destinations, that winter vacation you’ve been craving is within your grasp.

Private air travel, including charter flights, empty leg flights, and jet sharing, makes the travel experience more customized to your needs and safety concerns, as well as provides cost-saving opportunities to travel in luxury that commercial airlines simply cannot offer.

With so many alluring destinations at your fingertips, the only question that remains is where your winter vacation should take you. To help inspire your potential travel plans, we’ve put together a guide to some of the best destinations to consider as you head out into a brave new world.


Heading south can provide a much-needed reprieve from the Winter season, and there are few places as welcoming as Florida. Within this southern state are several wonderful regions to visit, giving you the opportunity to select the perfect place for your preferences.

From Miami with its exciting nightlife and stellar food to Sarasota with its relaxed vibes and white sand beaches, your Florida experience can be specifically tailored to your tastes. Looking for other fun cities to check out? Don’t forget about Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Naples, St. Petersburg, West Palm Beach, and Jacksonville.

The Bahamas

Aside from the iconic crystal-clear waters and paradisiacal beaches—as if they aren’t enough reason to visit the Bahamas—there are innumerable reasons to make a trip to this tropical wonderland. With world-class resorts and fine dining galore, you can stay in luxury.

The tropical climate and vegetation are also compelling, especially if you are traveling from the Great North.


For the adventurous spirit, the appeal of Belize is apparent. With Mayan ruins, diving and snorkeling, and wildlife all easily accessible, you can expand your definition of vacation and embrace these and other unique experiences.

Of course, Belize is not without its modern amenities. You will also find gorgeous beaches, delectable cuisine, and exclusive resort-style accommodations.


There are a number of alluring travel destinations in Mexico, allowing you to tailor your experience to perfectly match the vacation you have in mind. From the nightlife and world-renowned food of Mexico City to the spirit of culture and exploration that permeates Oaxaca to the unbelievable resorts of Cancun, Mexico is a diverse and truly incredible place to spend your Winter vacation.

Ski Resorts

If you are not fleeing the cold but rather looking for a more exhilarating way to immerse yourself in it, a vacation to one of the premier ski resorts in North America is perfect for you. Both the United States and Canada have stellar slopes and accommodations, giving you a plethora of exciting options from which to choose. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorites to help you select the best one for your next trip.


Nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Breckenridge is an iconic ski town renowned for its lavish lodgings, endless activities, and great slopes. It is extremely popular, though, so factor in potential crowds into your decision.


This one-of-a-kind resort town is entirely pedestrian-friendly, offers high-end accommodations and dining, and boasts the largest Colorado skiing area. It, too, can get crowded, but that is arguably part of the atmosphere and charm of this iconic resort town.

Whistler Blackcomb

For those who wish to experience the superb skiing Canada has to offer, it is hard to overlook Whistler Blackcomb. As North America’s largest ski resort, the amenities, activities, and experience are second to none. Whistler Blackcomb is truly a world-class ski resort.

No matter where your 2021/22 Winter vacation takes you, get there in style and avoid the discomfort of commercial flight by opting for private aviation. Abeona offers unprecedented flexibility and luxury, facilitating your travels via private charter, empty leg deals, jet sharing, and beyond.

Experience the pinnacle of private aviation by trusting Abeona with your Winter travel plans. Trust us; once you immerse yourself in the excellence that is Abeona, you will never view travel the same.

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