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Why Flying Private Is the Safest Way to Travel

Travel is integral in modern life.

4 passengers meeting and working in a flying private jet.

Business demands it, the individual spirit of exploration fuels it, and personal pleasure finds new oases because of it.

While all modes of transportation—from electric cars to high-speed trains—have their use, air travel holds a special place in the hearts of adventurers, busy professionals, and travel enthusiasts alike.

The comfort, convenience, and expediency of aviation are simply unmatched, but they are not the only reasons to opt for private air travel via chartering a private jet.

All things considered, private aviation is also the safest way to travel, putting a big shiny bow atop an already attractive method of travel.

Achieving such high levels of safety for clients requires a thorough commitment to detail and an exceptional level of attentiveness, two things Abeona excels at and provides for each client.

No matter the circumstances surrounding the travel or the client’s specific needs, Abeona facilitates streamlined private jet charter at affordable rates, all with invaluable peace of mind at the forefront.

Read on to discover how you can benefit from the enhanced safety and unmatched comfort of private aviation.

A woman in an airport wearing a mask and looking at her phone.

Travel in the Era of COVID

The landscape of travel has shifted dramatically in recent years due to the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Seemingly overnight, the commonly accepted safety protocols and expectations of air travel were flipped on their heads, leaving governments and private companies to sort through the chaos and develop new, more comprehensive measures.

In other words, the introduction and eventual spread of COVID-19 ushered in a new age of air travel.

Now, private jet flights provide additional benefits to all travelers trying to minimize the health risk and evade having to waste even more time going through the security checks on the flights served by commercial airlines.

Abeona embraced this challenge and created an extensive program of safety protocols to keep each client healthy and safe as they embarked on future journeys.

From facilitating timely and convenient COVID testing to implementing all-encompassing cleaning procedures to ensure the utmost standards, Abeona has found success in providing clients with a private aviation experience that exceeds their expectations and grants them invaluable peace of mind.

Flexibility, Luxury, and Safety

Prioritizing health and wellbeing in a world shaped by the pandemic does more than keep people safe; it issues in a new era of convenience, flexibility, and luxury that is sure to revolutionize how you perceive travel.

Private air travel is particularly adept at facilitating this transition into the new normal. While commercial air travel still involves crowded airports, long lines, inconvenient procedures, and packed planes, private flights provide a safe, relaxed environment where those stressors are simply distant memories.

Abeona strives to accentuate these advantages by emphasizing you as an individual rather than a nameless ticketholder.

With the ability and passion to focus on your individual preferences and needs, as well as the flexibility to accommodate your schedule and personal requests, Abeona specially tailors each travel experience. There is no one-size-fits-all solution here, only experiences customized to the specifications of you, the client.

In other words, there is no reason for you to sacrifice your standards or lower your expectations, even with the world in flux due to the impact of the pandemic and the ever-changing rules and regulations associated with it.

Abeona not only stays up to date with the latest safety protocols but also goes above and beyond to ensure your safety is the center of our attention. This allows us to provide you with the comfort, convenience, and luxury expected of a private jet charter while you relax, knowing that your safety is in capable, responsible hands.

These guarantees are not just lip service, at Abeona, we provide actionable guarantees. Our expert team can assist in providing services such as:

  • To have our passengers drive directly to the plane and have travel documents checked while they stay in the car

  • To have the crew and the passengers use a different lavatory, if possible

  • Self-service buffet catering, or to allow passengers to bring their own food

  • To opt-out of having a flight attendant on board, if the requirements allow

  • Airport and aircraft crews respect social distancing

  • No handshakes and the avoidance of any type of direct physical contact between the crews and the passengers

  • Hand sanitizer stations present at various points of the passenger journey

  • Some airports and flight crews offer masks to passengers upon their arrival

  • Frequent sanitation and sterilization of all areas of airports and aircraft

Why are these actions safer for your travel?

Because ultimately, we can provide you with assurance, space, limited contact, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re traveling via a company that understands your needs, your safety, and your desires.

Travel does not have to be unsafe or otherwise stressful, even in a world heavily influenced by COVID-19. Chartering a private jet is the safest way to travel right now, and the bonus benefits make it the undeniable best choice for those who value a premier travel experience in addition to unparalleled safety. Not only is private aviation the future of air travel, but it is also the present.


To learn more about how Abeona can accommodate your specific travel needs or for a deeper dive into how Abeona is utilizing the latest and best innovations to keep you safe, be sure to peruse our website and reach out to one of our industry experts. With experience and knowledge to answer all of your questions and put any lingering uncertainties to rest, they can help you unlock the travel experience of your dreams.

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