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Your 2023 Trip to The Super Bowl LVII

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

What is a better way to start the new year than planning an exciting trip to the annual Super Bowl? The Super Bowl LVII takes place in the beautiful city of Glendale, Arizona.

When it comes to the Super Bowl, there is really no other sports event that can compare to this almost holy event. For many, it is the sport's highlight of the year. With Rihanna as the headline performer for next year's half-time show and Sheryl Crow as the pregame performer, the football event does not only promise true sportsmanship but impressive musical and show performances as well.

As Canada’s boutique travel solutions provider, Abeona is excited to assist you in arranging your trip to Arizona to take part in next year's promising Super Bowl. We are delighted to offer our clients expert and in-depth knowledge on chartering a private jet to Arizona.

This article will inform you about what to expect from this year's Super Bowl and how Abeona can tailor a seamless journey to enjoy this special event.

Bird's eye view of the Super Bowl 2023 stadium and land surrounding

The Super Bowl 2023

As the annual championship game of the National Football League, the NFL, the finalists of the 2022 season will compete against each other in the Super Bowl. Even though it is a national competition in the US, people from all around the world watch the Super Bowl or even travel to the US to see it personally.

Next year, the Super Bowl LVII will be hosted on the 12th of February, 2023, at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. This will be the fourth Super Bowl that’s hosted by the Phoenix metropolitan area. The State Farm Stadium last hosted the Super Bowl in 2015, where the famous Malcolm Butler interception sealed the New England Patriots' fourth title. For next year, experts favourite the Buffalo Bills, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Kansas City Chiefs, but it is not clear yet which teams will play in the Super Bowl 2023.

Concert goers dancing to performer on stage

Rihanna, as the Headlining Performer

After a self-imposed boycott, Rihanna will be the headlining performer of next year's Super Bowl halftime show. She has not done a live performance in five years, which is why her show is highly anticipated by many. Especially our younger flyers might enjoy this part of the Game Day.

The Super Bowl is a special event for the whole family as it combines the epitome of sportsmanship, entertainment and a strong sense of community that you can feel with all the other fans in the stadium. It is for sure an event that should not be missed.

A person pocketing their ticket to the Super Bowl 2023

Tickets to the Super Bowl

If you decide to visit this year's Super Bowl, there are different tickets available. We always recommend the VIP Experiences to our valued clients, as these tickets offer them the official bespoke program of the Super Bowl so that you and your family or entourage may take full advantage of the activities on offer.

On Location is the Official Hospitality Provider of the NFL and offers fully guaranteed Super Bowl LVII Tickets in a choice of premier locations throughout State Farm Stadium. Prices for tickets usually start at $5,600 and can go up to more than $23,000 for VIP Seats. On Location’s official ticket packages, like the Club57, put you in the best seats with unmatched views of the field with an all-inclusive pre-game hospitality program.

A quarterback jumping in the air to catch a football

VIP Experiences

The VIP experiences will make sure that you will have an exceptional Game Day experience.

“On The Fifty” is the State Farm Stadiums' signature Super Bowl offering. This 50-yard line experience delivers not only the best stadium seats but also unparalleled field access and premium fan benefits. There, you can mingle with NFL legends, enjoy specialty cocktails and culinary delights, and attend an intimate musical performance with a renowned artist.

If you wish to make a short trip to Arizona to visit the Super Bowl 2023, there are beautiful opportunities to extend your stay. You can hike through the stunning national parks of Arizona, visit the Petrified Forest, or visit the Phoenix Zoo. Remember not to take a rock or pebble from the Petrified Forest!

The state of Arizona offers splendid opportunities for the whole family. Why not extend your stay there after or before your visit to the Super Bowl?

Abeona will be delighted to recommend you the best and most exclusive hotels and restaurants in the area.

A private jet about to takeoff from the airfield

Chartering a Private Jet to the Super Bowl

The commercial flight schedules before the Super Bowl are usually packed, and the hustle and bustle of the airport and surrounding Game Day can be rather hectic. Chartering a private jet to Phoenix, Arizona, is therefore an excellent idea for NFL fans. By chartering a private jet, you and your group can escape the craziness and make this sporting event not only memorable but make it into a fully convenient experience.

Abeona has an extensive network of clients, which allows us to reach out to other flyers to see if we can match your Super Bowl flight inquiry with another to arrange a shared jet.

Jet Sharing is highly recommendable for an event like the Super Bowl since many of our clients might wish to charter a private jet for that event. If you share a private jet with another client of ours, it brings down the costs for all parties involved.

Abeona will be at your disposal not only for your Super Bowl inquiries but to assist you and your family, friends and associates with all your travel needs.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to one of our concierge travel experts to discuss your travel options.

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