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We have optimized each step of your journey
to deliver a divinely smooth flying experience.


Even though each private flight is uniquely different, one thing always remains the same. With Abeona, you can always count on unmatched customer care and attention to detail. 

Depending on your needs and preferences, we will deliver the best catering, ground transportation, and concierge service possible, within the desired budget. 

Learn how it works - the booking process

2. Pre-Flight

Regardless of the purpose and the destination of your flight, we are there to turn it into an impeccable experience. Our private flight experts will help you save time and avoid unnecessary hassle. We can help arrange catering, ground or helicopter transportation, and anything else you might need before, during, and after the flight.

3. Flight Day

No more wasting hours going through security and customs. Just arrive at the private terminal 15 minutes prior to your take-off. Upon arrival, our crew will take care of every detail to ensure a perfectly smooth and stress-free journey. 

4. In-Flight

5. Arrival

If there is a transfer arranged by our concierge or you, the arrival private terminal will have it standing by on the tarmac upon landing, ensuring you reach your final destination in full comfort and style.

6. Post-Flight

Within days of trip completion, our accounting team will prepare a post-flight invoice outlining any extra expenses - catering, ground transportation, cleaning, de-icing, Internet, etc. 


1. Booking 

Send us your flight details: date(s), routing or place(s), the number of passengers, and other requirements you have. We’ll assign you a dedicated private aviation expert to select an ideal aircraft for your trip and arrange a smooth and streamlined process. 

We'll source a number of available aircraft that suit your needs and prepare a personalized proposal, including the pricing and photos. After you choose the preferred aircraft, we'll obtain the aircraft owner approval and reservation. Once all is set, an Air Charter Agreement will be exchanged. 

Enjoy the comfort and privacy of your aircraft to get more work done, or to recharge batteries. Depending on your choice of aircraft, the level of service and the pre-arranged extras may vary. However, you will typically enjoy a carefully selected set of complimentary snacks and drinks. 

Bird's-eye view of air field with multiple planes parked


Want extra privacy for your upcoming business trip? Have a unique destination in mind for your well-deserved holiday? Want to bring your furry family member along? No matter what you need, just tell us and we'll make it happen!

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