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Flexible about your upcoming trip?
Your charter options have just improved dramatically!


Abeona introduces cost-effectiveness to the world of private flying through

our extensive selection of jet sharing and empty legs deals. 

With us, you can fly safer and more convenient to a huge number of destinations. Maximum comfort for a fraction of the cost of a regular private jet flight. All you need to do is

to have some flexibility regarding your flight - and to get in touch!

Perfect for the first-time private jet flyers 

Makes life easier if you have a second home


All the benefits of a private flight - at a much smaller price


You'd be surprised what a dash of flexibility can do for your options! If your schedule is not set in stone, sharing a private jet means you also get to share the flight costs.

You may already have someone in mind to share the cost of your upcoming journey with, but if you don't - Abeona may have the solution! We can try to align your flight schedule with another party's schedule and help you experience a discounted luxury flight. Let us know of your destination and preferred schedule - and we'll do our best to make it happen! 

Empty Leg Flight Subscipton

Be among the first to learn about

the exciting empty leg flights!


Empty legs happen when the empty aircraft repositions prior to its next booked flight or returns to its home base after the previous flight. Because the air carrier wasn't able to sell the seats for the empty portion of the journey at a full price, they are willing to offer significant discounts. Note, empty legs are one-way flights only, usually available at a short notice and subject to change.

Passengers who are willing to share an empty leg flight with other travellers can reduce the cost even further. In some cases, people flying on the empty leg flight save as much as 75% of the full charter price.

Subscribe to Abeona's empty legs alerts.

Departure and arrival locations are negotiable!



If you plan on going on a trip in a few weeks or months or have a destination where you often fly to - reach out to us! We’ll let you know and make a reservation the moment an empty leg deal you’re looking for opens up.

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