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Airplane Wing


No matter the occasion, destination, group size, or luggage needs,
we have the ideal aircraft ready for your takeoff!


At Abeona International, we live and breathe private aviation. We understand that, for you, flying privately should be all about the ultimate comfort and convenience. And, about solutions tailored to meet your exact needs.

Our experience and a huge network of connections mean we know what to do to find a perfect aircraft for your trip. With us, you don’t have to choose between having extra luggage space or enjoying luxurious amenities, if you want both. With us, you can quickly arrange both a trip to a remote destination and a large-scale group flight. Tell us what you need, and we’ll become your private aviation concierge.

Want to learn about the level of excellence
you can always expect from our service?

Size Does Matter

As in the size of our fleet, not the size of your aircraft. We have options of all ranges and sizes ready to take you wherever you’re going.

Pets, Welcome!

Forget about having to leave your furry family members at home! Let’s find them a comfortable (and safe) aircraft so that they can enjoy a stress-free flight.

There’s Always Room

With us, you don’t have to calculate how many cubic feet your luggage is going to take. Let us know how much stuff you want to bring - and we’ll make it happen!

Multiply Your Flying Range

Do you prefer taking a smaller aircraft but want to travel to a destination that’s outside its flying range? Not a problem! We can arrange for a fuel stop that will automatically reset the range of your chosen aircraft. We can get you from Toronto to Buenos Aires in a comfy piston aircraft, you’ll just have to make a few fuel stops along the way.

Red Helicopter

Best for: Accessing remote and/or crowded urban areas. Helicopter flights are incredibly flexible and offer the ability to get passengers much closer to their final destination than the other aircraft types can. 

Capacity: up to 12-13 passengers

Average cabin height: 4’1”

Range: 411 nm (473 sm; 761 km)

*Each aircraft’s range is based on zero-wind, ISA conditions, with no runway or temperature restrictions, and with two passengers on board at a long-range cruise speed.

Thinking of Purchasing an Aircraft?

If you’re considering aircraft ownership options, deciding between different models is just one of the many questions you need answered. Our experts have developed a comprehensive assessment method that helps you make the best, data-driven decision, depending on your unique situation.



Are you ready to have us find you the best aircraft option for your upcoming trip? Tell us where you’re looking to go, the size of your flying party, and any special requirements you might have - and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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