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Cruising the Bahamas by Yacht

While it is getting cold and wet in Canada and throughout most of the US, the turquoise paradise of the Bahamas is transgressing into its high season with arguably one of the most desired climates worldwide.

Powdery beaches, pink sand, sparkling clear water and swimming pigs are just some of the highlights this archipelago of islands has to offer. The Bahamas are a wonderful destination for the whole family. Unlike other island paradises, you are not at risk of getting island fever since there are so many different islands that offer unique experiences for every age and taste.

And what is a better way to explore the Bahamas than by yacht? Naturally, island-hopping and touring this island paradise by ship is the way to go since the Bahamas are one of the best sailing destinations worldwide.

Let us introduce you to the unique possibilities that a yacht charter in the Bahamas encompasses and how Abeona can assist you in selecting and chartering suitable and exclusive yachts to ensure your holiday will not only be wonderful but exceptionally marvellous.

Bird's eye view of the Bahamas surrounded by ocean

The Bahamas – Paradise Close By

Just south off the coast of Florida, the archipelago of the Bahamas is a convenient holiday destination for many Canadians and Americans that also happens to be one of the most desired travel destinations in the world. With over 700 islands that stretch across an area as big as Florida, the Bahamas are a treasure box that awaits you to open it.

With decent weather all year round, the best season to travel these jewels of the Caribbean is usually from November until April. Unparalleled beaches, shallow havens, deserted islands and pirate coves will make your heart grow fonder.

In this article, we will not only outline how Abeona can curate a trip for you that will leave you with lifelong memories but also introduce you to some of our favourite destinations and experiences in the Bahamas.

Read on to find out about our best-kept secrets to see while cruising this alluring archipelago.

A plane wing flying over the turquoise Bahamas waters

From Your Jet To your Yacht Straight Into the Ocean

We can assist you in seamlessly arranging a convenient and relaxed transfer right until the moment where you can kick off your shoes and let your bare feet touch the wooden teak decks of your chartered yacht.

Our experienced advisors will be delighted to showcase to you the many available jet charter options to get you directly and conveniently to Nassau or Miami, in peace, securely and without the hassle of commercial flights.

A private jet on a tarmac at sunset

Chartering a Private Jet to Get to the Bahamas

Abeona will be happy to arrange a private jet to transport you to your destination, where a seamless transfer to your yacht can be organized. Abeona’s extensive expertise allows us to excel in taking charge of the logistics involved and ascertaining what private jet option and yacht will suit your desires and needs best.

For example, especially during high season, jet sharing or empty-leg flights could be attractive options to get to the Bahamas or Miami by private jet for a fraction of the cost compared to chartering a private jet by yourself.

Abeona frequently flies to Miami, from where you can board your yacht to sail the short 181 miles to the Bahamas. If you wish to fly directly to Nassau and charter a yacht from there, naturally, this can also be arranged.

A big, white yacht cruising in the ocean

How to Choose the Right Yacht

There are different possibilities for yacht chartering to choose from. We will be happy to assist you in selecting a suitable yacht or megayacht or arranging a tandem charter for you.

If you travel with a smaller group, you will be able to choose from a rather large selection of beautiful yachts to charter. For example, the Hanna is one of our favourite yachts that we recommend to our clients who travel in groups of 5-10 people. This yacht offers exceptional value for money, features a beautiful interior and delivers an efficient sailing experience.

If you travel with a larger group, tandem charters or a megayacht are usually the way to go.

Regarding megayachts, the Amaryllis is a luxurious and open-spaced option for groups of 20-30 people. The Amaryllis has a private pool on deck, seabobs, jet skis and numerous cabins to accommodate your whole party.

Another option, especially for groups that wish to travel together but will most likely have different interests during the trip, tandem charters are an excellent solution.

Two large yachts crossing in a channel

Tandem Yacht Chartering

A tandem charter is a yachting solution that caters to larger groups of people that wish to travel together by chartering several yachts. Since a customary yacht accommodates between 10-12 people in five or six luxurious staterooms, they are not large enough to fit groups of, say, 20-30 people.

If you are travelling with different generations that have varying interests or wish to explore different experiences on some islands, then tandem chartering is a great solution. The chartered yachts will cruise together like a “tandem”.

Your chartered yachts will not only sail together, but also anchor as a unit. Say, the little ones of your group wish to go swimming with the pigs while you’d rather enjoy a glass of champagne and a Concha salad at Xuma’s Restaurant and Bar, tandem charting makes it possible to make the most of the trip for every group member.

A tropical beach with turquoise waters and blue skies

Our Must-See Destinations in The Bahamas

Even though it is hard to reduce the many unique cays and experiences that await you on the numerous islands, we have some personal and secret recommendations for your Bahamas trip.

A pig swimming in the Bahamas waters

Big Major Cay with The Swimming Pigs

On the uninhabited island “Big Major Cay”, which is one of the 365 islands of the Exumas, you will be greeted by snorting and adorable swimming pigs. This is especially a highlight for all animal lovers and the children in your group.

Rumour has it that the pigs have been brought to the island by pirates who planned to eat them but somehow had to abandon them on the island. Thank God!

A cave surrounded by trees with an opening of water

Harbour Island & Eleuthera

Harbour Island and Eleuthera are islands that are very close to one another which is why it makes sense to visit both islands simultaneously during your anchoring there.

Harbour Island is at the northern tip of Eleuthera and is one of the better-kept secrets in the Bahamas. The small island is known for its picturesque town with colourful, New-England-style houses, called Dunmore Town. The authentic charm and laid-back lifestyle of this island and the locals will capture you instantly. One of the highlights of Harbour Island is definitely its beach with pink sand. Yes, a pink beach. Needless to say that this is a must-see for young and old!

Eleuthera is the epitome of wild beauty. The island is narrow and features long, powdery-sanded beaches. Enjoy a Goombay Smash at Elvina’s Bar, where Lenny Kravitz is known to walk in and join impromptu jam sessions or go surfing with the dolphins at Surfer’s beach.

If you wish to spend some days in a hotel after anchoring here, we can recommend the Pink Sands Resort on Harbour Island or The Other Side on Eleuthera.

An island of the Bahamas surrounded by turquoise water

Wild Horses of Aboca Preserve

Treasure Cay is a well-kept secret that offers an authentic and humanitarian experience.

The Aboca Horse, which the island was named after, was a descendant of the horses that Christopher Columbus imported with him into the New World in the late 15th Century. The horses were brought to Aboca Island to pull the logs from the forest and went extinct in 2015. Luckily, it was possible to take a living DNA sample from the last living mare, named Nunki, and the preserve currently works on bringing back the Aboca Horse via cloning.

The Wild Horses of Abaco Preserve is located on Treasure Cay where conservationists and nature enthusiasts work tirelessly to bring back the extinct horse breed. Upon previous arrangement with the curator of the preserve, Mimi Rehor, access to the wild horse habitat can be arranged with a guided tour.

Treasure Cay is off the beaten path, and visiting this natural environment is a rare and unique opportunity. The habitat has been untouched since the 1940s. Hiking, swimming in a blue hole and watching the hundreds of species of wild plants, butterflies and birds is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Bird's eye view of a yacht in the middle of the ocean

Your Trip to The Bahamas

We hope this guide to yachting in the Bahamas has sparked your interest.

Should you have any questions or inquiries regarding yacht chartering or private aviation surrounding your Bahamas trip, feel free to reach out to Abeona’s team of experts.

Our passionate advisors will be delighted to provide you with streamlined guidance through the many options that are available regarding yacht charters and private aviation during your Bahamas vacation. We can aid you in determining the most suitable yacht or private jet for your holiday.

At Abeona International, you‘ll receive tailored old-school service where we tend to you personally, individually and with a focus on details. We look forward to taking you above and beyond!

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