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The Best Sailing Routes in the Caribbean

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine paradise. You are aboard a luxury yacht gliding atop a glassy sea, water impossibly clear and smooth. The sun warms your face as you scan the endless horizon, and the cool glass in your hand sheds a single bead of condensation. It is idyllic—almost unbelievably so—and you are immersed in it.

A yacht ship in the Caribbean waters.

If that sounds like how you want to spend part of the coming year, we are right there with you. There is just one small problem—the crystal waters and smiling sun of the Caribbean are thousands of miles away. Before you can board your yacht and embark on the route of a lifetime, you must first reach the waiting harbor.

That is where Abeona shines. Rather than fight the crowds and endure the endless march of drudgery of commercial flights, opt for the eloquent, simple alternative—private jet charter.

With a vast network of empty leg flights, jet sharing, and chartering opportunities, Abeona puts luxury air travel within your grasp. With a streamlined process designed to accommodate your every need and exceed your expectations, Abeona’s private aviation experience will make you wonder why you ever flew commercial.

Once you have arrived safely in the comfort of your executive-class private aviation experience, you can approach your Caribbean yacht adventure with energy and vigor. To help maximize the paradisical wonder your yachting trip is sure to unleash, we have put together a list of the best 2022 yachting routes in the Caribbean. Check them out below.

The Bahamas

With an irresistible appeal that is known the world over, The Bahamas is a bucket list Caribbean destination, especially for those traversing by sea. Alluring gem-like waters and bright, sandy beaches are undeniable attractions, and with over 700 islands and cays composing the majestic region, there is no shortage of exploration to be had in The Bahamas.

You can spend the day boating, immersing yourself in the unique natural offerings—from coastal formations to sea life—and indulging in the luxurious accommodations and world-class cuisine that can be found ashore. As you plan your 2022 yachting route, The Bahamas should be atop your itinerary as the premier destination in the Caribbean.

St. Thomas

Formerly a hidden gem rising from the emerald sea, St. Thomas has developed a buzz as the hot spot for yachters. Not only is this island easy to sail to, but it also does not require a passport if you are a U.S. citizen. This convenience is invaluable for those stopping by for a quick visit or prolonged stay.

With enticing beaches, luxury resorts, world-class dining, and burgeoning boating culture, St. Thomas has everything you need and desire to make your yachting journey a success. As you plan your 2022 yachting route in the Caribbean, you would be amiss to omit what is bound to be a highlight of your trip. So, grab your map, find a marker, and circle this island gem before you leave the harbor.

A bird's eye view of a beach and ocean in Barbados.


More than just a catchy name, Barbados is a small island that packs a big punch. It is the outdoor lover’s dream, with mind-blowing white sand beaches and numerous underwater caves. Whether you are trying to spot a sea turtle or simply honing your snorkeling skills, the waters surrounding Barbados are rich with opportunity.

When you choose to lay ashore, you will find friendly locals populating the culturally rich towns. Should you choose to explore the island—assuming you can tear yourself aware from the picturesque seascape—you can explore the iconic landmarks the island has to offer, including Port St. Charles, Port Ferdinand, Alleyne’s Bay, and more.


Overflowing with exotic plants and wildlife, Jamaica’s natural landscape appears to be taken directly from the movie screen. When you are not pumping your body full of adrenaline via zipline tours and snorkeling adventures or standing in awe before picture-perfect waterfalls and massive rainforests, you can sail the 350 miles of Jamaica’s coastline.

St. Lucia

When you envision idyllic beaches, they probably look eerily similar to the shoreline of St. Lucia. With palm trees galore framing sunbathing beaches and soothing ocean waves, you will feel as though you have awoken in heaven. Even more amazing is the proximity of these beaches to rainforests and towering mountains.

St. Lucia also has modern amenities to enjoy, including luxury marinas, delectable eateries with ocean views, and even mineral baths where you can unwind after a long day sailing the seas. From waterfall hikes to a vibrant Caribbean nightlife scene, St. Lucia has everything you could dream of, and more.


If the Caribbean is not on your radar for yachting in 2022, the Mediterranean is an unmatched alternative. Rich with natural beauty and unbelievable cultural and historical significance, this region of the world is a premier yachting destination for those seeking the adventure of a lifetime.

From mouthwatering cuisine and cultural centers to pristine open waters and captivating shores, Greece is a superb Mediterranean yachting destination overflowing with intrigue and allure. Should you opt for this yachting journey rather than the Caribbean in 2022, your experience will be one for the ages.

To help you on your quest to experience the ultimate Caribbean yachting adventure, Abeona can assist in chartering the yacht of your dreams. From the private flight to the origin of your 2022 yachting story to the seaworthy vessel itself, Abeona will handle all of the necessary arrangements to ensure your experience is streamlined, effortless, and memorable for all the right reasons.

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