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Caribbean Dreaming On a Yacht

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Exploring the Caribbean by yacht is seen by many as the epitome of freedom, adventure and bucket list travelling. Numerous iconic islands with a variety of different experiences, richness in culture and endless miles of turquoise paradises await anyone who visits the West Indies. Whether you are looking for serene walks along deserted beaches, vibrant nightlife, or spectacular pirate-themed adventures for your kids, the Caribbean offers a mosaic of impressions, and the high–season is just getting started.

The islands of the Caribbean are among the most desired sailing destinations worldwide and most probably THE goal for every sailor or yacht enthusiast due to the ideal sailing conditions. The different islands and islets are scenic destinations for the whole family that are best travelled between December and April to enjoy tropical yet moderate climate without facing the (still beautiful) wet season.

Let us introduce you to the unique possibilities that a vacation in the Caribbean encompasses and how Abeona can assist you in meticulously curating your paradisic yacht charter.

An infinity pool overlooking Caribbean turquoise waters

The Caribbean – Culture, Serenity & First-Rate Cuisine

The Caribbean is a unique place on earth, where line-of-sight navigation and trade winds will lead your magical yacht journey. So whether you wish to explore the British Virgin Islands, dance the night away in Cuba or chase the sun to Grenada and find out why it is called “The Spice Island”, you will most likely not be disappointed.

Roam around the charming streets of St. Thomas to enjoy luxury shopping or pursue your passion for open-water sailing in Antigua. Eclectic coastal villages, powdery white sand beaches and world-class restaurants will be some highlights that you’ll see through your telescope on the deck of your state-of-the-art yacht while it approaches the different anchorages in the Caribbean.

The ever-enchanting West Indies are a hidden paradise that offers grand joys, both onshore and offshore.

Each charter day beholds new adventures that will cater to the needs of everyone in your group: rich culture, tropical forests, Michelin restaurants, colourful atolls and high-fashion shopping excursions.

In this article, we will outline how Abeona can curate a private yacht charter for you that will leave you with lifelong memories, and we will introduce you to some of our favourite spots in the Caribbean.

Find out about our favourite destinations to see while cruising this jade-green, sunlit paradise.

A private yacht docked by palm trees in the Caribbean

A Seamless Transfer for Unmeasurable Relaxation

We are happy to assist you in arranging a seamless and convenient journey right until you can kick off your shoes and let your bare feet touch the sun-warmed wooden decks of your yacht.

Our experienced advisors will be delighted to showcase to you the many available jet charter options to get you directly and conveniently to a destination within the Caribbean or to Miami without the inconveniences of commercial travelling.

From Miami, it is only a short distance by boat to the Bahamas. There, you can set sail, or motor, on your Caribbean journey.

Otherwise, a direct flight to Cuba, St. Vincent or St. Lucia can be arranged as well. If you wish to fly to another specific destination in the Caribbean, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will do our utmost to make it possible.

Bird's eye view of a private jet flying over an island in the ocean

Chartering a Private Jet to Get to the Caribbean

Abeona’s extensive expertise allows us to excel in organising the logistics involved to prepare a perfect journey for you. We will ascertain what private jet option is the most suitable for you to get to the Caribbean.

Abeona will be happy to arrange a private aircraft to transport you directly to a destination in the Caribbean or to Florida, from where a seamless transfer with a black-car service to your yacht can be arranged.

Especially during high season, many of our clients wish to explore jet-sharing options, flight matching or empty-leg flights. These private jet options are attractive alternatives to chartering a private jet by yourself since you will be able to lower the costs.

Two large private yachts passing each other

Our Take on Choosing the Right Yacht

There are different possibilities for yacht chartering to choose from. We will be happy to assist you in selecting a suitable yacht, superyacht or megayacht for you.

The Caribbean is an ideal destination for megayachts and superyachts since sailing distances can sometimes be quite long.

Superyachts and megayachts emphasise speed, comfort, safety and expedition capability. A well-trained crew will cater to your every need with spectacular service. With a superyacht or megayacht, there are no limitations regarding distances or destinations within the Caribbean.

A yacht and a tender cruising through open waters

Megayachts, Superyachts & State-of-the-Art Yachts

If you travel with a group of 4-12 people, a superyacht is the vessel of choice. For example, the Audaces is 27-meter long superyacht and one of our favourite models. The Audaces accommodates up to 12 people and can travel larger distances while maintaining a comfortable sailing experience through strong winds. This state-of-the-art yacht features Sun Deck with Jacuzzi, Beach Club with Exercise equipment and Sauna.

If you travel with a larger group of between 13 - 30 people or wish to enjoy grandeur like frequent helicopter rides, jet skiing, children's playroom, numerous hot tubs and other various luxuries, then a megayacht, like the Lauren L, would be our recommendation. The Lauren L is 90 meters long and can accommodate up to 36 people.

The Lauren L has a private pool on deck, a private helicopter and helipad, jet skis and numerous cabins to accommodate your whole party.

A beautiful walkway lined with palm trees on a sunny day in the Caribbean

Our Must-See Destinations in The Caribbean

There are many unique experiences that await you on the numerous islands, but we have curated some of our personal favourites for your trip to the Caribbean.


In Cuba, you’ll be able to find some of the world’s finest beaches, a rich heritage and a vibrant culture. The charming blend of Spanish and Latin American culture makes a visit to Cuba a special and authentic experience. Cozy northeast winds make for a convenient sailing experience, and you’ll be able to dive and snorkel through colourful and intact coral reefs while yachting Cuba.

Havana and Cienfuegos are two cities that offer you sumptuous cuisine, salsa rhythms, the best Cuban cigars and, of course, great rum.

St. Barth’s

There is little need to talk up St. Barths since it is one of the most stunning and exclusive islands in the Caribbean.

St Bartholomé is referred to as the “South of France in the heart of the Caribbean”. The sounds, local people, smells and cuisine of this island offer authentic French charm and aesthetics that are to die for. After all, we love the French, even though they often don’t love us.

Luxury boutiques, glass-clear water and white beaches that will dazzle you are just some reasons to visit this gem of an island.

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands consist of more than 60 little islands that can be explored. Well-equipped anchorages and secluded marinas with high standards make the islands a convenient yet authentic yachting destination. They are located at the end of the Lesser Antilles.

Near-constant trade winds and fine weather make them a beloved destination for sailors and liveaboards all year round. These islands offer a glimpse of adventure since there are numerous caves to explore, thrill-inducing scuba spots and many uninhabited islands that await to be discovered. Have a picnic on a secret beach, swim with sea turtles or sail off to another island to dine at a Michelin-awarded restaurant.

If you wish for a more vibrant experience, palm-fringed beaches with fancy bars and lively clubs, like Foxy’s or Pussar’s Landing, offer great nightlife.

Palm trees on a beautiful beach with turquoise waters in the Caribbean

Your Trip to The Caribbean

We hope this guide to yachting the Caribbean has given you a glimpse of what this broad and great destination has to offer.

Should you have any questions or inquiries regarding yacht chartering or private aviation surrounding your Caribbean trip, feel free to reach out to Abeona’s team of experts. We can aid you in determining the most suitable yacht or private jet for your holiday and will meticulously cater to your wishes and needs.

Our passionate advisors will be delighted to provide you with streamlined guidance through the many options that are available regarding yacht charters and private aviation for your Caribbean vacation.

At Abeona International, you‘ll receive old-school tailored service where we tend to you personally, individually and with a focus on details. We look forward to taking you above and beyond and maybe even to the Caribbean!

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