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What is Jet Sharing?

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

What jet sharing really looks like and if it is right for you

A white private jet sitting on an air field.

The popularity of private aviation has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, propelled, in large part, by the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. The shift, though, has been in progress for quite some time, as travelers are tired of the inconveniences that have become synonymous with commercial flights.

As more people have turned to private aviation alternatives to commercial airlines, the industry has grown but still lags behind the newfound demand. Abeona has stepped into the void in the private aviation sphere to provide unparalleled service and private flight opportunities to those wishing to experience the brighter side of travel. Currently, jet sharing might seem like a relativity unexplored aviation option. That feeling is valid. Right now, jet sharing is an underdeveloped option in the Canadian market. Abeona International sees the value that jet sharing can bring, and we’re ready to step into that void to shine a light on the advantages of this type of travel.

Abeona excels in delivering exceptional private jet charter experiences and other common forms of private flight to its clients, but its top-of-the-line services do not stop there. Through options like empty leg flights and jet sharing, Abeona has created opportunities for budget-minded travelers to embrace the superior alternative to commercial flight.

If you are seeking to escape the chaos and inconvenience of commercial flight but are unsure of how to do so or want to save money in the process, you have come to the right place. Read on to discover how you can enjoy private aviation at a discount.

What is Jet Sharing?

The strict definition of jet sharing is self-explanatory, simply implying that you are sharing a private jet and the associated costs with someone to reduce the financial impact of the flight and create a convenient experience for everyone involved. The details of jet sharing are not always so cut and dry, however, making the guidance of professionals like those at Abeona invaluable in ensuring the arrangement is seamless.

Sometimes, you have a travel partner in mind with whom you wish to share the jet. Under these circumstances, jet sharing is relatively straightforward—you just need to align schedules and work with Abeona to make sure a private jet is available for your journey. Under perfect circumstances facilitated by Abeona’s team, you will be taking off in no time.

When you do not have a travel partner in mind, handling the logistics of the journey can be far more complicated. This is where Abeona’s expertise excels. With an extensive network of industry professionals, Abeona can ascertain whether your desired travel date and destination align with any flights schedules by other parties. If there is overlap and the other party is willing to jet share, everyone can enjoy a discounted luxury flight.

Is Jet Sharing Right for You?

The advantages of jet sharing are numerous and profound. However, not everyone is in a position to enjoy them. If you are searching for a way to experience premier private flight at a discounted rate via jet sharing, you are probably asking yourself one question—is jet sharing right for me?

If you have a travel partner with whom your destination and schedule frequently align, you are golden. This arrangement simplifies jet sharing and gives you the tremendous benefit of coordination.

If you are not so lucky, there are a few key travel characteristics that should be present in order to best enjoy private jet sharing. The first is your destination. If it is a common destination, numerous jet sharing openings may be available to you. If it is a more obscure location, fewer people may travel in that direction, limiting your options.

The second key element of jet sharing is scheduling. If you must adhere to a rigid travel schedule, it will be challenging to find jet sharing opportunities. On the other hand, a touch of flexibility goes a long way. If you are able to adjust your schedule to a reasonable degree, the possibility of jet sharing increases dramatically.

We hope this guide to jet sharing has granted you the insight you need to make an informed decision about your future travel plans. Should you have any questions or want more information about jet sharing and other private aviation options, please contact us. Our experienced team of passionate experts will gladly guide you through the world of private aviation and aid you in determining the best options for you.

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