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Your 2023 Vacation Guide — Our Top 5 Destinations

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

The future is bright, and so are our vacation recommendations for next year. If you want to get ahead of your travel plans and discuss different possibilities with friends or family, Abeona has you covered with some inspiration. In our 2023 vacation guide, we have summarised the most promising destinations worldwide for your upcoming vacation.

This is not just another „Top 5 destinations“ list that repeats the mainstream recommendations that are already out there, but a meticulously curated guide of places that we have personally visited, hotels we stayed in and restaurants we can recommend wholeheartedly.

Abeona cherishes its close family of clients and invites you on a short journey with us around the world to get to know the most desirable destinations that you might want to visit next year.

A volcano surrounded by greenery in Costa Rica

Costa Rica

One of the significant advantages of the beautiful and peaceful country of Costa Rica is that it is not too far from home since it is located in Central America. Yet, Costa Rica still offers very different experiences and landscapes than home. Its closeness to Canada and the US makes it convenient to reach by private jet from anywhere in Canada or the US or even by a private yacht from the Caribbean.

Being one of the safest countries in Central America, Costa Rica enchants its visitors with cultural authenticity, dense nature, alluring beaches, lush rainforests and luxurious and private 5-star resorts that leave no wish unfulfilled. Did you know that Costa Rica has one of the richest biodiversities worldwide? Sloths, monkeys, underwater life and many birds await all animal lovers who visit this country that is the founder of the „Pura Vida“ lifestyle.

One resort that we can recommend passionately is the Hacienda AltaGracia, a resort from the Auberge collection that is situated in the foothills of the Talamanca mountains. This serene 50-casita resort features 180 acres of lush tropical rainforest, an organic coffee farm, horse stables, and a well-being center by one of the world’s leading holistic wellness providers. Hacienda AltaGracia describes itself as a place “where nature cradles the soul and inspires new adventure.” This unique resort offers an escape for those seeking total well-being and rediscovering their balance while going on unbridled adventures in Costa Rica. Insider tip: Do not miss out on some horseback riding!

A house surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea in Italy


Yes, Italy might not be a well-kept secret, and many spots can be filled with tourists, but we still have to recommend it as one of our favourite destinations, especially as a yacht vacation. The eclectic cities and areas in Italy can be explored by land or sea, while exploring Italy by private yacht comes with many advantages that a typical vacation on land may not compete with. First and foremost, you escape the overcrowded tourist spots since you can stay on your private yacht during peak visitor hours.

There, while enjoying the scenery and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, you can wait for the hustle and bustle to slow down until you make your way to the shore to visit award-winning restaurants, chat away with the locals and see the many historical sites that Italy has to offer. Many of the upscale coastal restaurants provide delivery service of their cuisine to private yachts.

One of our favourite places to recommend in Italy is Sicily. Sicily has not only stunning scenery, beautiful bays, dramatic cliffs and endless coves to explore but offers an exceptional cultural richness that has not been commercialized as intensely as some other spots in Italy. If you have recently watched the award-winning series “The White Lotus” and are a fan of cinematography, we recommend staying in the San Domenico Palace Hotel in Taormina, where the sequel was filmed. The Four Seasons hotel is meticulously designed and offers a detail-oriented experience for all its guests.

A private beach surrounded by cliffs and blue waters in Greece


The mainland of Greece and its numerous islands and islets invite you to explore the most ancient side of Europe. Archaeological experiences, rich culture, great food and a sea so turquoise that it looks unreal are just some of the highlights of Greece. The Nobu Hotel in Santorini is recommendable for people who enjoy Japanese minimalism combined with just the right amount of Greek influences. There are numerous 5-star resorts and boutique hotels sprinkled across the diverse islands that you can choose from.

Besides the famous islands like Santorini, Crete, Mykonos, and Rhodes, the island of Zakynthos is still more or less a little secret. Zakynthos is one of the more distinguished islands that brands itself as the greenest island in Greece. Especially with kids and teens, you will have a perfect time there since party culture is not that popular on Zakynthos.

Naturally, also Greece is predestined to be explored by private yacht. The Greek sun, clear water, turtles and the shallow sea will be your neighbours. Feel free to reach out to the Abeona concierges to explore numerous premium yacht options available to charter in Greece.

Port Hercules harbour in Monaco


Just around the corner from the French Riviera lies the small but mighty state of Monaco. The famous Port Hercule is probably the most prestigious destination for any yachtie. Interestingly, Port Hercule has been in use since ancient times by the Greeks and Romans. The deep-water harbour lies at the foot of the ancestral rock of the Princess of Monaco and is the perfect base to explore Monaco and all it has to offer.

The La Chèvre D’Or is our favourite restaurant in Monaco that offers ultra-chic dining experiences. This fancy restaurant with enchanting views is Michelin-starred and focuses on authentic flavours of the Mediterranean sea and the countryside. Make sure to try the oysters while they are in season!

The sun setting over the Caribbean mountains and ocean


The various destinations in the Caribbean are among the most desired destinations worldwide. Ideal sailing conditions and fabulous year-round weather make the West Indies an excellent destination for your next holiday, whether it shall be on a yacht or land.

The Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands, the Caymans, and St. Lucia are among our favourite locations in the Caribbean. The different selections of islands and islets are scenic destinations for the whole family that are best travelled between December and April. During this period, you can enjoy a tropical yet moderate climate without facing the wet season.

Whilst sailing through the Bahamas, make sure to try the popular Concha salad and to visit the Exumas to take a dip with the swimming pigs. This is an experience that you will never forget.

Let us introduce you to the unique possibilities that a vacation in the Caribbean encompasses and how Abeona can assist you in meticulously curating your jet or yacht charter to this turquoise paradise.

A bright white private charter in the ocean

Consultation on Your Upcoming Holiday

Abeona, as Canada’s boutique travel solutions provider, is delighted to consult our valued clients on their travel and vacation inquiries. We are specialized in tailoring unique and once-in-a-lifetime aviation and private yacht solutions for our clients.

Whether you are looking to fly a specific flight route by private jet or to charter a yacht in the Mediterranean or Caribbean, we pride ourselves in planning and executing unique and premium travel experiences for you and your family, friends or business associates.

Reach out to Abeona’s concierge specialists to discuss your 2023 vacation inquiries, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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