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Buying a Private Jet: Does It Make Sense for You Be a Private Jet Owner?

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

For those who travel frequently, are accustomed to premium travel experiences, and rely on the convenience and comfort of private air travel, the concept of private jet ownership has probably always been on the horizon. When the pandemic hit, however, that faint possibility moved from a back-of-the-mind whisper to an audible—and frankly, logical—question.

COVID-19 changed the way many of us travel—how we think about it, experience it, and make decisions around it. With this in mind, the concept of private jet ownership becomes even more of a pragmatic solution.

So, as an avid traveler, should you consider private jet ownership in a post-COVID world? And further, how can you be certain that making this choice is synonymous with making the right decision for you?

We’re here to help.

At Abeona, we’re proud to be experts in the aircraft purchase process, seamlessly aiding our clients in whether the decision to own a private jet is right for them, exploring the right operator selection opportunities, and assisting in aircraft management and maintenance.

But before we dive into those details, let’s cover a few of the basics to establish a foundational knowledge of what it truly means to own a private jet.

A white private jet in the sky flying over mountains.

What Does Jet Ownership Entail? Understanding the Benefits of Private Jet Ownership

Private flight, as a choice of its own, offers unique benefits like comfort, convenience, and stress-free travel sans crowded terminals, long lines, and packed jets.

And while there’s no denying that private aviation, in general, is a premium choice of travel, there’s something to be said about the additional benefits of private jet ownership.

Beyond the comfort, convenience, and luxury experience that go hand-in-hand, private jet ownership offers even more overarching advantages that cannot be denied, such as:

  • Improved health and safety: As the owner of your private jet, you control who uses the plane, how they use it, and the health and safety stipulations associated with it. This means you’re empowered to make the choices you want to make to protect yourself and those who use your jet.

  • Extra flexibility and convenience: As a private jet owner, you call the shots. That means when you need to travel, your jet is awaiting you. Your time is your time, there will be no flight schedules to build your schedule around. That means that your travel is as flexible, spontaneous, and available as you’d like it to be.

  • Enhanced productivity and comfort: For many, jet ownership means taking the ultimate step toward a comfortable, productive environment. If you spend most of your time flying to and from, it’s no secret that an environment out of your control can weigh heavily on your productivity and overall comfort. Owning your own private jet means controlling your aviation environment, setting it up for peak productivity, and ensuring your own, preferred level of comfort.

  • Valuable time saving: Rather than taking multiple days to fly back and forth and attempting to make chartering work in your best interest on the most ideal schedule, you can control your trip and cut down on back-and-forth time. As a frequent flyer, you must understand how exciting this is. Think about how much you can accomplish in a single day when your productivity isn’t stifled by back and forth flying? In turn, being able to fly to and from as you please means that you can cut down on hotel stays, meals, and other accommodations that would be required due to your multiple-day travel schedule. With private jet ownership, you can accomplish far more in a single day.

The choice to own a private jet isn’t necessarily an easy one—especially because there are dozens and dozens of questions pertaining to that ownership that could easily become overwhelming.

That being said, our team is here to help.

If empty leg flights, jet sharing, or other forms of charter flights aren’t the right fit for you because of their flexible nature, if you spend a majority of your time flying, and if you prefer a safe mode of transportation that allows you to save time, and experience optimal comfort, then owning private jet might be the most appropriate choice for you.

How COVID Changed the Way We Travel

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic transformed aviation and how we think about it. With new regulations in place, restrictions that are continually evolving, and health concerns to be wary of, a private flight is truly one of the most convenient, safe, and comfortable answers.

COVID, in its own way, forced us to look at the way we travel and begin to ask questions—Why settle for a commercial flight when a private charter is safer? Why not cut down on the crowds in airport terminals when a private flight offers less contact?

And of course, with new restrictions in place, flying requires more planning and organization than ever. As a result, a shift toward private aviation—backed by premium companies in the industry who can help create a seamless and regulation-compliant experience—has become more apparent than ever.

Is Jet Ownership For You? We Can Help

Accountants have a pretty common adage—if it flies, floats, or facilitates physical pleasure, rent it. But often, we’re tempted to disagree—especially when it comes to flying.

At Abeona, we’re proud to offer our clients exceptionally convenient private jet charter services—but alongside that, we offer uniquely tailored solutions for those seeking their own private jet. Why? Because we understand that every client’s needs are different.

We’ve created a customized solution that helps to assess your current and future aviation needs that is meticulously designed to help you make the most logical and beneficial decision about your mode of private aviation.

Are you interested in learning more about Abeona’s takeoff to touchdown flying needs assessment? Are you ready to chat with an Abeona representative to determine your own, unique aviation options? Our team is here to assist.

Reach out to us at 1-888-FLY-1384, email us at, or simply connect with us via our contact page. We’re ready and excited to help guide you toward the right choice for your private aviation needs.

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