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Jet Sharing – An Economical Solution with an Environmental Approach

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Private aviation has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, with many people choosing to fly private. The restrictions and inconveniences of flying commercial, like inflexible schedules and routes, compromised comfort of the onboard experience, long waiting times and a lack of privacy, have induced a shift for many travellers like yourself, who are tired of the chaos and aggravations that have become synonymous with flying commercial.

Flyers who do not own or consciously decide against owning private aircraft by themselves often choose to share a jet. Jet sharing has become popular throughout recent years since it provides a convenient and economical solution that comes close to flying exclusively private. Let us introduce and guide you through the different scenarios of jet sharing. Abeona embraces this travelling solution that provides fliers with convenience, flexibility, safety and a higher quality of life.

An airplane landing on the runway

What is Jet Sharing?

First and foremost of all, jet sharing is the practice of a small number of people sharing a jet. In particular, the most essential aspect of jet sharing is that the associated costs of the aircraft are shared with another party. The associated costs depend on the way the private jet is shared. Overall, the practice of jet sharing reduces the economic impact of flying private while still maintaining a convenient and private experience for everyone involved.

As more people turn to jet sharing, also increasingly with an environmental approach as an ulterior motive, the industry has grown, with many providers struggling to cater to the newfound and flourishing demand. This is where Abeona International has stepped in. As Canada’s boutique travel solutions provider, we have filled the void in the private aviation sphere to provide unparalleled service and private flight solutions to those wishing to share a jet to experience a brighter, safer and more convenient side of air travel.

There are essentially two prominent ways in which jet sharing is practised.

Two Scenarios of Jet Sharing: Charter & Ownership

Three airplanes in a large hanger

Chartering and Sharing a Private Jet

The most popular practice of jet sharing is that the cost of chartering a private aircraft is shared with another person or a small group of people.

Abeona has a close and personal relationship with all of its clients, who frequently contact us with their individual flying requests. Often, it happens that our clients wish to fly to a certain destination and are reaching out to see if other clients of ours wish to fly the same or opposite route. Likewise, friends, families or corporate associates often decide to charter a jet and fly collectively as a group. Abeona International, with its extensive experience in the private aviation industry, excels in curating and delivering exceptional private jet-sharing experiences.

We can assist you in seamlessly arranging the charter of a jet for your group or arranging the alignment of your travel inquiry with another similar inquiry from other flyers to arrange the share of a private jet. Abeona’s extensive expertise allows us to excel in aligning schedules, taking charge of the logistics involved and ascertaining whether your desired travel date and destination align with any flight schedules of other parties. Especially for popular destinations and throughout the holidays, jet sharing can be an attractive opportunity. Abeona frequently flies to several destinations in Florida: Palm Beach, Miami, Naples, Sarasota, and Boca.

Furthermore, NYC, Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto and Waterloo are among our most popular flying routes that are often used for jet-sharing.

To some, jet sharing might be a relatively unexplored option. Jet sharing is currently rapidly developing in the Canadian private aviation market. Abeona International was among the first industry experts to acknowledge the value and benefits that jet sharing offers, and since the early days, we’re shining a light on the advantages of this type of private travelling.

A white private jet with its door open on the tarmac

Fractional Ownership

The other prominent scenario of jet sharing is the fractional ownership of a private jet. Fractional ownership, often simultaneously called jet sharing, is a solution chosen by many fliers who do not wish to commit to whole private jet ownership.

With fractional ownership, a certain number of people collectively purchase a private jet and share a schedule for using that aircraft. Despite the initial purchase price of the aircraft, the running costs of the jet, like crew, upkeep, insurance, hangar costs etc., are shared between the owners of the aircraft, bringing down the overall costs significantly compared to a whole ownership scenario.

Abeona can explore pairing you with a curated group of our other clients who also wish to purchase a private jet.

Since you will be sharing the jet's ownership with other fractional owners, there are some limitations regarding control over the private jet, like the schedule, but this scenario still allows for high convenience and flexibility. It is the decision of yourself and the other owners if you, in fact, wish to fly collectively on certain routes or if you want to fly exclusively by yourself and just share the costs of the private aircraft.

Five businesspeople flying on a private jet

The Benefits of Jet Sharing

No matter what scenario of jet sharing resonates the most with you, both cases offer significant and profound advantages to private flyers and companies.

Time efficiency, privacy, comfort and safety are perks that only flying private can offer.

Flight attendants welcoming flyers to a private jet

No. 1: Convenience & Flexibility

Crowded airports, long waiting times and passing through hundreds of people are natural circumstances when one flies commercial. Flying private offers privacy, space and convenience and allows our clients to use their time as they wish without adhering to commercial flying schedules, cancellations or delays.

Especially for clients who frequently commute between residencies and offices or have regular business appointments with their associates and business partners, sharing a jet can increase the efficient use of their time.

Abeona can easily access its resources and connect with our extensive community in the private aviation sector to align schedules, handle the logistics and assist you with your individual jet-sharing needs.

A captain boarding a private jet in a hanger

No. 2: Time & Space

When flying private, departures take place in a private departure terminal, called a FBO (fixed-base operator). We all know and despise crowded airports that induce stress, drain our energy and make us often sit and wait inefficiently for hours.

In private departure terminals, there are no lines to wait in and no seats to waste your time in. You can arrive about 15 minutes before your departure as opposed to several hours, as with commercial flights. In fact, at some airports, your driver can drop you off directly at the runway of your aircraft, which offers a seamless and time-efficient travel experience.

Furthermore, the (almost) unlimited space and freedom of your seating arrangements and the amenities in a private jet are clearly unrivalled with the (very) limited space in first or business class. You can sleep, work or relax in a private jet and move around freely without minding strangers or others’ space.

A Canadian passport with a boarding pass inside on a desk

No. 3 A Hassle-Free Customs Experience

Like with any international flight, travellers need to clear customs.

When flying private, in most cases, a dedicated customs officer boards the private jet, which is why you will not need to pass through the usual customs clearance process in the airport.

This allows you to leave the airport quickly and get on with your day. Furthermore, we will be happy to arrange a black car service for you, with a personal chauffeur picking you up at the runway. Providing our clients with a flawless travel experience from their departure until their arrival at home is one of our high priorities.

A crowded airport filled with flyers

No. 4: Safety & Health

Another crucial benefit of travelling with private aircraft and through jet sharing is the reduced risk of infection and sickness when travelling. We have all experienced getting sick while travelling. In fact, it is rather astonishing when we don’t catch a cold or a bug after being crouched in small spaces with hundreds, sometimes thousands of people at once.

A recent analysis by McKinsey revealed that a person on a commercial flight has about 700 points of contact with other people and objects. This is opposed to 20 or fewer touchpoints on private flights. The risk of getting sick while travelling is significantly reduced when you share a jet with a limited number of people as opposed to hundreds of people when flying commercial. The same applies to the airport building, which you will not have to pass through when you fly private.

Four businesspeople in a conversation on a private jet

No. 5: Environmental Impact

Another significant factor that more and more of our clients take into consideration is the environmental impact of flying private. We have clients who decide to share a jet not for the reduction of costs but for the environmental impact.

If a private jet is occupied by 4 people instead of one person, the ecological footprint of each passenger improves. The same applies to purchasing and sharing an aircraft.

Explore Jet Sharing Now

We hope this guide to jet sharing has granted you some insight and allows you to progress and expand your future travel plans.

Should you have any questions or inquiries regarding jet sharing or other private aviation options, feel free to reach out to Abeona’s team of experts.

Our passionate advisors will be delighted to provide you with streamlined guidance through the many available options that private aviation and jet sharing offer and aid you in determining the best and most efficient options for you while keeping your ROI in mind.

Abeona International looks forward to connecting with you and taking you above and beyond!

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