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Luggage on Private Flights – Abeona International Explains

Do you come with baggage? Well, that’s great because there will be plenty of room for your goods on our fleet of private jets. The issue of luggage and the commonly associated struggles that usually are associated with flying is a non-issue for most of our clients and their private flights. In fact, luggage is a significant aspect of why people choose to fly private — they can charter an aircraft suitable for accommodating their luggage, even large items like golf clubs, and don’t have to fear it getting lost.

In a nutshell, the size and model of the private jet determines the amount of luggage you can take with you. Abeona’s team of flight concierge experts will be delighted to provide you with specific advice and guidance to select the right amount of luggage for each type of aircraft and consult you on different available aircraft with suitable luggage facilities for yourself.

Still, in this article, we’ll give you a rundown of what kind of luggage capacity you can expect for the different categories of private aircraft.

How Much Luggage Can I Take on a Private Jet?

There is no one correct answer to this question that applies to every private flight, but we are going to answer the question for numerous scenarios to give you a comprehensible idea.

Our pilots and crew have to calculate and weigh in numerous factors precisely to make sure that each and every flight is executed as smoothly and safely as possible. The flight distance, fuel, number of passengers, weather conditions and aircraft type are just some of these important variables.

This is why Abeona International makes sure that we know about your luggage items, their approximate weight and your specific luggage requirements for your flights. We’ll let you know ahead of time how much luggage you can take onboard.

Aside from that, the main factors that determine how much luggage you can take with you when flying private in Canada or elsewhere are nominated by the jet size, the jet model and the number of passengers.

Before we go into more numbers and specifics, many of our first-time passengers are interested in the security and declaration requirements when they are flying private for the very first time. So, let’s take a quick detour to give them an answer to their questions.

What are the rules and restrictions regarding luggage on private jets?

Just like with any flight, private or not, there are national rules and guidelines that every flight passenger must adhere to. The regulations for restrictions on items can differ in particular international destinations or even between different US states, but we’ll be happy to discuss this with you before your trip. Most often, the rules are pretty straightforward and very similar for most countries.

Even though the security check on a private flight is much more comfortable, quick and relaxed, the airport staff will still have to check and scan your luggage for security reasons. Additionally, you must declare any items that require you to do so (weapons, certain drugs, high valued items, etc.).

But now we want to give you an estimate about the number of bags you’ll be able to take with you on different types of private aircraft.


Yes, turboprops are a little noisier and slower than other types of private aircraft, but they can come with more space and room than you might expect. Typically, one bag per seat is the rule when it comes to baggage on turboprops. Since our turboprops have passenger seats for up to 4–8 people, and some models have a nice ample rear cargo space which even allows you to take on more oversized items onboard, there is plenty of room on this minor type of aircraft.

Especially if you rent a turboprop by yourself, you’ll have plenty of room for luggage and goods. Please note, in case you are jet-sharing the turboprop, this might not be the case.

Light Jets

As a rule of thumb, just like with the turboprop, each seat on a light or midsize jet equates to one passenger and one item of luggage. Therefore, a light jet will typically hold approximately 5 to 6 standard-size pieces of luggage.

If you are sharing the jet with other passengers, please reach out to us regarding the number of bags you are able to take with you, as this might vary depending on the number of actual passengers onboard. If you chartered the light jet for your exclusive use, you’ll be able to take the full 5 to 6 pieces with you.

Mid-Size Jets

The same thumb rule for baggage and luggage applies to mid-size jets. Due to their bigger size, they are capable of accommodating more luggage than a light jet. This type of aircraft, most often, can hold approximately 5 to 6 standard-size pieces of luggage.

Super-Mid Size & Large Jets

A mid-size jet does not necessarily possess a larger baggage compartment than its super-mid-size counterpart; however, larger private jets in the super-mid-size category and beyond offer more expansive cabin room for baggage storage.

These types of large private jets hold approximately between 9 and 15 standard size pieces of luggage. A large jet that is suitable for overnight haul flights can even accommodate up to 20 pieces of luggage. You can definitely take that extra pair of shoes with you!

Reach Out to Our Flight Concierges Regarding Your Luggage

Do you have a private jet charter with us soon, or are you planning to rent a private jet in Canada with Abeona? We’ll be happy to provide you with guidance and consultancy regarding your luggage space or specific baggage space requirements.

Abeona International is Canada’s boutique travel solutions provider, and we’ll be happy to arrange for both national and international private flights for you and your friends and family or business associates. We have an extensive network in the worldwide private aviation community, and we are well-versed when it comes to exclusive, convenient and comfortable private jet flights in Canada, the US, and Europe.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us regarding any luggage concerns or travel inquiries. Abeona will be delighted to provide you with an old-school service that takes you above and beyond!

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