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The Best Ways to Save Money on Chartering a Private Jet

Updated: May 14, 2023

How flexible scheduling can save money on your private jet charter.

Private aviation is the present and the future of travel for those who prioritize safety, comfort, convenience, and positive travel experiences. The benefits of opting for private air travel over commercial flights are significant and seemingly endless.

Front view of a private jet on the tarmac.

Despite the clear advantages of private aviation, many would-be travelers view this growing industry option with a hint of skepticism. Of the sources of hesitancy, lack of surety regarding the affordability of private jet charters is a primary concern. However, there are several ways in which this perceived financial barrier can be lowered or even eliminated in some cases for those seeking a more pleasant flying experience.

Abeona specializes in providing private air travel solutions for business trips and personal forays alike. An integral part of that specialization involves developing and honing tactics to reduce prices and make chartering a private jet more accessible and affordable. This is especially true when you plan early and are able to maintain a bit of flexibility in your schedule. Read on to discover the best ways Abeona can help you save money when chartering a private jet.

Jet Sharing

With a dash of flexibility built into your schedule, you can open a world of private aviation opportunities at astoundingly reasonable prices. Jet sharing is one of those opportunities, and the benefits of opting for this method of private jet chartering are well-worth consideration.

This type of air travel is exactly as it sounds—sharing the chartering of a private jet in order to save on the costs associated by splitting them with the other passengers. If you do not have someone in mind with whom to share the jet, do not fret; Abeona specializes in the logistics of private air travel and can make the necessary arrangements to align your flight schedule with another party’s plan.

Jet sharing courtesy of Abeona gives you the ability to travel in style at a discount—the definition of a win-win. All you have to do is provide us with your destination and preferred schedule. Abeona will take that information, work a little magic, and have you gliding through the skies in discounted luxury in no time.

Interior tan leather seats in a private jet.

Empty Leg Flights

Another wonderful savings opportunity Abeona is adept at delivering for its clients is empty leg flights. This opportunity presents itself when an empty aircraft relocates in order to position itself properly for its next bookend flight or simply returns to its home base upon completing a flight. The seats aboard the airplane were not able to be sold at full price for this segment of the plane’s journey, creating an opening for deeply discounted flights.

When we say deep discounts, we mean it. Many empty leg flights can be had for a fraction of their usual worth—up to 65% off in some cases if you are willing to share the flight with other travelers. The only catches are that empty leg flights are one-way and only available with short notice. In other words, your schedule needs to be a bit flexible, and your return flight will have to take a different form.

Abeona’s Expertise

With an unwavering commitment to you and unmatched attention to every minute detail of your preferences, needs, and itinerary, you can count on Abeona to deliver the best private aviation experience possible, time after time. Whether you need catering, concierge service, ground transportation, or other specific requests, Abeona will take care of all the arrangements within your specified budget.

Better still, that budget is bound to feel a lot bigger when you factor in the private jet charter saving Abeona is so adept at acquiring. With our comprehensive network and experience finding and securing the best deals possible, the opportunities available to you are as boundless as your travel plans.

To learn more about how Abeona can craft a premier private aviation experience for your next journey, be sure to peruse our website and contact us with any questions, no matter how broad or specific. With experienced experts ready to assist you at every turn, Abeona is sure to have a solution that satisfies even the most particular of travel plans.

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