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What is Jet Sharing & Why Should We Explore It? The 5 Benefits of Jet Sharing

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Understanding Jet Sharing & How It Can Change the Way We Travel

Jet sharing isn’t a new phenomenon, but it’s one that has dramatically increased in popularity over the last six months as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now more than ever, travellers are looking for safer methods of flight that can not only reduce their exposure to the disease, but also reduce their worry and stress levels when it comes to travel—and they’re doing it all with the intent to share some of the costs that are associated with chartering a private flight.

This term—jet sharing—is one that’s worth exploring, but first, we’ll dive into the basics to help lay a foundational understanding of what exactly jet sharing is and why you should be interested in learning more about it.

First Things First—What Exactly is Jet Sharing?

Interior of private jet with four white leather seats facing each other with flowers on a table

Jet sharing is, surprisingly, exactly as it sounds—the process of sharing the cost of chartering a private aircraft (helicopter, turboprop, or jet), with another person or group.

This can happen in many ways—you can either already have someone (or a group) in mind to help share the cost of chartering a private flight, or, you can work with a verified, qualified company to help you align your flight schedule with another’s flight schedule to make it work. At Abeona, this is precisely the service we proudly specialize in.

We can assist you in seamlessly arranging jet sharing services with other clients of ours to ensure that you can travel safely and securely while keeping costs in line.

The Benefits of Jet Sharing: Especially During COVID-19

This practice is an exceptionally beneficial one at any time, but specifically beneficial now during these unprecedented, pandemic-driven times.

One of the biggest benefits? A dramatic reduction in the number of touchpoints you’ll have to deal with. At a commercial airport, you’ll likely deal with about 700 touchpoints (if not more), which can increase your risk for exposure to COVID-19.

Jet sharing services, on the other hand, operate through the private aviation sector—which has less than 20 touch points involved in a single flight. This can lower your risk of exposure by nearly 35 times that of a commercial airline.

But that’s not all—there’s a long list of benefits that come hand-in-hand with jet-sharing. Continue reading to explore even more of them alongside Abeona.

No. 1: Jet Sharing Can Make Flexible Traveling Easier

Jet sharing can be helpful if you are traveling to a second home (or back to your primary residence) if you have a bit of flexibility.

If you are traveling with someone—or a group—who is willing to split the cost of a flight, this can significantly assist you with reducing the charter flight cost. 

For a sense of pricing, here’s a recent example: a one-way Empty leg flight from the Toronto area the Bahamas on a Bombardier Challenger 300 (midsize jet) with eight seats ended up in the $22,000 - $26, 000 range, coming to around $3,000 per person.

If you aren’t aware of anyone who is hoping to travel on the same flight route as you but you still have a trip in mind, we can help! We can easily access our resources and connect with our community to attempt to align schedules and assist you with your jet sharing needs.

No. 2: Departures Are Crowd-Free

Bird's-eye view of air field with multiple planes parked

When flying privately, departures take place in a private departure terminal (this is called a fixed-base operator, sometimes referred to as an FBO).

Typically, there are very few people in an FBO at the same time and there are traditionally no lines to wait in. You can arrive about 15 minutes before your departure (as opposed to several hours before as with commercial flights) and you are always less than 100 steps from the private aircraft taking you to your destination.

In fact, at some airports, your driver can drop you off right at the aircraft.

No. 3 A Hassle-Free Customs Experience

Like with any international flight, travellers will always need to clear customs.

However, in most cases, you’re able to pass through a separate, dedicated customs station at the private terminal rather than waiting in a long line with other passengers who have arrived on a commercial airline flight.

No. 4: Reduced Touchpoints for Reduced Health Risks

As we’ve already mentioned, one of the biggest benefits of traveling via private aviation (and through jet sharing) is the reduced risk of infection because of fewer touchpoints.

A recent analysis by McKinsey showed that a person on an average commercial flight has about 700 points of contact with other people and objects—this is opposed to 20 or less, touchpoints on private flights.

Connect With Abeona Today

Are you ready to book your jet sharing flight? Are you interested in learning even more about how Abeona can help you? Are you unsure if jet sharing is the right fit for your upcoming travel plans?

No matter what questions you might have, we encourage you to reach out to Abeona today—our expert team can answer any questions you might have and assist you in determining the perfect travel plan to fit your next business trip, vacation, or holiday.

Get in touch with us now to begin discussing your options! Visit our site for our live chat feature, email us directly at, or contact us here. We look forward to connecting with you and assisting you in booking a premium, private flight!

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